Friday, 17 July 2015

I've Been Too Angry Lately, Have Some Funnies

Things have been pretty serious here this past week with a lot of ranting and controversial opinions. First off I'd like to thank everyone for remaining sane during that time. So for now just relax and have a laugh for once.
He quite probably is.
Can't argue with science folks

I don't know this dog but I want to

I also like how Pluto has a heart

I actually can't wait to be a dad
That poor dog.
Actually some people do like having things put up their butt

Little known fact about me; I've never pressed snooze on an alarm. Ever. I've gone back to sleep, sure, but never pressed the snooze button.

And I shall leave you with some touching words of wisdom.


  1. That dog on the park sign is a real bon vivant! Love the bouncy castle LOL too! Actually, all of them are funny -- good picks!

  2. That first one made me laugh in spite of myself!

  3. These are great!
    And silly.
    I like silly.

  4. Nothing like memes to make you mellow.


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