Monday, 6 July 2015

Immortal Space Minor Announcement

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, today I come to you with an announcement slightly bigger than the title of the post would suggest. It's just that I'm missing a major component in order to make it a really major announcement. Give me a drumroll kitty!
As of this past Saturday I am now, completely, 100% done with Immortal Space. Sort of. When I say I'm done with Immortal Space I mean that I've finally finished writing it. All the chapters are written, all the extra bits are written, all the text is formatted properly, and all the spelling has been checked. It actually took a while to do the spell checking because there's so much slang in there. A funny thing to note is that when I formatted it properly I managed to somehow cut about 70 pages out of the document. SEVENTY. Tha fuck?
It's down to a healthy 457 pages
Now unfortunately this doesn't mean that Immortal Space is released. That's why this isn't a major announcement. All the story is done now but I still don't have a front cover yet. The friend who said she would make it for me won't even be home until the end of this week. So it could still be a few weeks yet until the book is actually released.

Look forward to it.


  1. Can you not... maybe... early access? Just the text file? Please?
    It now officially exists though. I'm witnessing the birth of a beautiful baby book!

  2. Good news indeed! I'm looking forward to reading it when it's published!

  3. Cheers, man! Congratulations! The hard part is over. It probably seems like an eternity away from publication, but it'll be here before you know it. Better a few weeks than a few months, right?

  4. congratulations, almost there!

  5. It must have made you feel good to finally get the project finished!


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