Monday, 27 July 2015

I'm Not Becoming A Food Blogger

If you're the kind of person who likes to keep up with things over the weekend you probably saw that I had a bit of an accident Saturday/Sunday. The place accidentally became a food blog while I was asleep and I couldn't do anything about it until Sunday evening. All in all I think there were about nine posts dedicated to the decadence of what is known as "food porn". That is, gratuitous pictures of food.
God damn that looks delicious.
What basically happened is that I was experimenting with the website "If This Then That". It's the website I use to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook on my behalf when I make a post on this blog. It's a pretty neat site that deserves it's own post. But basically you can create "recipes" where triggers (If this) cause actions (then that). I heard about one that creates posts automatically for you based on content from sites like Reddit. The food porn in question came from the foodporn subreddit.
Another taste of it.
I actually created another blog for the purpose of this experiment. Therein lay my mistake. See even though IFTTT can post to a blog, it can only be associated with one blog at a time. As far as I know. So when I told it to post to Blogger it posted to this blog, the blog it associates with my account, rather than the other one I had set up for the occasion.

When I was able to I fixed the mistake. I disabled the recipe and deleted the extra posts. It's kind of sad that I actually enjoyed a surge in traffic from the posts. Harrowing in a way. But there you have it; the story of how for about a day I became a food blogger by accident.


  1. >surge of traffic
    Because suddenly there isn't one link every other day, there's a whole bunch of 'em in a couple hours! "Oh what's going on here? My my, that looks good! Let's check out all the other foodstuffs he posted!"
    And that's how you get pageviews.

    1. Plus there are people who occasionally check out new links on something. I'd have more traffic if I posted every day. Even more if I posted several times a day. It was just a little disheartening that people were more interested in pictures of food than what I had to actually say about actual things.

  2. ^ I was part of that traffic. I was half concerned you were hacked, and half impressed by that sweet food porn. But you took them down while I was reading... so I figured you were safe. And also a little sad that I couldn't see the food porn anymore. It's a double edged sword, really.

    1. Geez now I'm tempted to turn it back on. I read somewhere though Google would probably cancel my Google ads account if I did. I don't really make any money through them, but it would still suck to lose the chance to. They don't like rehosted content much.

  3. Yummy photos, live and learn!

  4. I get lots of spam e-mails supposedly offering me a sum of money to post in my blog. So far I have been like "hell no I don't want that crap in my blog." I thought you had decided to sell out and accept such an offer.

  5. Well at least you know what went wrong and could fix it


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