Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday Funtimes

Hey guys I'm sorry about this but I am just exhausted. I've had a rough week and I've not been sleeping much. I spent most of the time before I went to bed experimenting with creating boot disks which didn't go as well as I wanted. So I had neither the time nor the energy to put together anything real. So just have some pictures and enjoy your day.
Check out that sweet censored anime pussy
This gives me such an understanding of American politics
Poor Belial
This man is apparently the Dutch king. I wish he were mine. Then again Prince Phillip says some awesome things.
If you replace "Windows 7" with "Windows 10" the joke remains relevant and funny.
A fresh twist on the ultimate socially awkward situation.
How to make the best out of a bad situation
Oh Canada...
Poor kitty. Poor, hilarious, kitty.
Well we started with cats so let's end with cats too and let that be it.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I Hope I Never Have Windows 10

In case you missed it Windows 10 was launched yesterday. No one is quite sure what happened to Windows 9. Maybe they figured 8.1 was Windows 9. If that's the case it was shit. It was so bad I took steps to stop my computer auto-updating to 8.1. Anyway, Windows 10 is out and the initial impression? Not so great.
It doesn't even look that good
Privacy is a major issue in the world today. Windows 10 are taking privacy and wiping their arses with it. By default Windows 10 knows pretty much everything you're doing. If you use the Cortana assistant then it sends almost everything to Windows. It actually shares your wi-fi password with your contacts. There's no reason for a lot of the things that they do. The worst part is that while these kind of settings can be turned off, the process is complicated. Not to mention things like this shouldn't be the default. One thing I liked about Windows 8 right from the get go is that all the settings about sharing information are off by default. Most users won't know these settings are there or how to turn them off.


I hope this kind of shit is corrected in the future. Then again developers never seem to learn. They always throw stuff like this in, then change it, then still put it back in, hoping no one notices this time.

If it wasn't for the fact it was hard to get games to run on Linux I'd have made the switch already.

The truly terrible thing they've done though? The absolutely worst thing they've done? They made Solitare a FREEMIUM GAME. Fuck that shit. Fuck you Windows.

If you're interested in learning more, as I couldn't go into full detail, you can find ot more here.

Monday, 27 July 2015

I'm Not Becoming A Food Blogger

If you're the kind of person who likes to keep up with things over the weekend you probably saw that I had a bit of an accident Saturday/Sunday. The place accidentally became a food blog while I was asleep and I couldn't do anything about it until Sunday evening. All in all I think there were about nine posts dedicated to the decadence of what is known as "food porn". That is, gratuitous pictures of food.
God damn that looks delicious.
What basically happened is that I was experimenting with the website "If This Then That". It's the website I use to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook on my behalf when I make a post on this blog. It's a pretty neat site that deserves it's own post. But basically you can create "recipes" where triggers (If this) cause actions (then that). I heard about one that creates posts automatically for you based on content from sites like Reddit. The food porn in question came from the foodporn subreddit.
Another taste of it.
I actually created another blog for the purpose of this experiment. Therein lay my mistake. See even though IFTTT can post to a blog, it can only be associated with one blog at a time. As far as I know. So when I told it to post to Blogger it posted to this blog, the blog it associates with my account, rather than the other one I had set up for the occasion.

When I was able to I fixed the mistake. I disabled the recipe and deleted the extra posts. It's kind of sad that I actually enjoyed a surge in traffic from the posts. Harrowing in a way. But there you have it; the story of how for about a day I became a food blogger by accident.

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Right One Is Bigger Than The Left One

No I'm not talking about my breasts. Or my testicles for that matter. It's a bit higher up than that. I suppose I'll start at the beginning, as every good story should. You might recall that I said I was feeling something in my throat but my doctor couldn't see what it was. If I didn't then that happened a few months ago.
Apologies if I did neglect to mention that.
So anyways my GP booked me an appointment with the hospital to see a professional ENT. Not the tree kind but the ear, nose, and throat doctor kind. Yesterday was that appointment and it was pretty uncomfortable to say the least. My GP warned me that they would be putting a camera in my throat to get a better look. What he neglected to tell me was that the camera would be going through my nose. I have to recommend you never put a camera up your nose.
The actual face I made
Just thinking about it is making my eyes water again. Really don't recommend it. So back to the title of the post and what it was alluding to. After all that unpleasantness the doctor tells me that my right tonsil is bigger than the left one. This is likely the problem but to rule anything else out they're going to book me in for another test, and then a follow up appointment to discuss any options. It's likely the only option will be to have my tonsils taken out though. He had a thick accent so I couldn't fully understand him but from what I made out the test involves drinking something and having a picture of my throat taken.

Sounds far more comfortable than a camera shoved up the nose.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

To Fully Understand A Story, You Must Re-Read It

So I'm re-reading one of the trilogies I really enjoy. After reading so many book series' that are seven books long I decided to kick back and stick with a trilogy. I should probably have stuck with a standalone book. I actually know a few I really enjoy.
Shade's Children is a fantastic book.
So anyway, I'm reading through, and I chance upon a scene part way through the first book. At the time it seems like a little thing you don't really remember much. But with the knowledge you gain from the third book you come to realise the scene had massive implications. It was just a guy hiding from someone following him, then finding it silly the guy following him was only armed with a knife. He's a magician after all so knives would be pretty stupid.
Later on in the third book though you learn that the guy doing the following was actually part of the race of main villains. These people are also able to kill a magician through a tiny cut using a dagger by using the break in the skin to drain their magic. Even though it seemed like a tiny and irreverent scene there's actually big implications; the magician could have actually died pretty easily despite his confidence. Of course you won't know that unless you're reading the story again and catch it.

There are a lot of cool moments like that in almost any book. I would say Immortal Space itself has it's fair share of foreshadowing. It's an important part of a story. Though of course it has to be subtle. You don't want to give too much away, no?

What's your favourite bit of foreshadowing you only noticed by reading a story more than once?b

Monday, 20 July 2015

My Writing Used To Be Not So Great

Yes I'm aware that I could have simply said "My writing used to be shit", but it didn't used to be completely shit. Just not so great. Is it really great now though? Different matter for a different day I guess. Things like that are subjective anyway. Like beauty.

Well anyway even though Immortal Space isn't out quite yet I'm already looking at my next project. I decided the next thing I'd write was The Spirit, the book I originally wanted to write all those years ago. I decided to write other things to practice writing and do the story justice.
If only books could be "remastered".
I actually wrote the first few chapters of The Spirit before I saw for myself the writing needed some work. I went back and looked at the original opening I had written and let me tell you, I was bloody right to do that. I disliked what I wrote from pretty much the first sentence. Some of the stuff after that was alright but I know that what I can do now is so much better than that.

It was interesting to get a good look at that and see for myself just how far my writing has come. To look at something I originally wrote years ago just getting into things. It's a good job I had the sense to put the pen down and decide to do it properly. I went on to write a lot of other stuff and gained the skill and knowledge I'd need to go back and do a good job of The Spirit.


Friday, 17 July 2015

I've Been Too Angry Lately, Have Some Funnies

Things have been pretty serious here this past week with a lot of ranting and controversial opinions. First off I'd like to thank everyone for remaining sane during that time. So for now just relax and have a laugh for once.
He quite probably is.
Can't argue with science folks

I don't know this dog but I want to

I also like how Pluto has a heart

I actually can't wait to be a dad
That poor dog.
Actually some people do like having things put up their butt

Little known fact about me; I've never pressed snooze on an alarm. Ever. I've gone back to sleep, sure, but never pressed the snooze button.

And I shall leave you with some touching words of wisdom.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Your Doctor Is Not Trying To "Fat Shame" You

Everything I'm going to say in this post I'm saying as someone who is genuinely in the middle of a weight loss journey. I might have stopped taking it as seriously as I should but that was entirely my fault. Anyway, that was just a disclaimer.

About a year and a half ago I found myself visiting my GP. I actually don't remember the original reason I went to see him at this point. I just remember something that he told me. Something that at the time really upset me, but over time I've come to accept his reasons for telling me. He told me that I needed to lose weight and that if I didn't I would likely die of a heart attack by the time I turned 30.

Like I said at the time it really upset me. But I knew that he was right. I knew that  I had a problem. He also offered to help me and referred me to Morgan, my wonderful dietician who I see once a month to get weighed and discuss my diet with. Though to be honest we shoot the shit about anything that comes up. I've even had discussions on feminism with her. Discussions I've blogged about here.

I've seen stories recently of people saying their doctors telling them to lose weight is a bad thing. That their doctors are shaming them. This is complete horse shit. I've even heard stories of doctors being sued by some fat person who had their feelings hurt at being told the truth. The truth is this; the world is too damn fat. In America TWO THIRDS of people are obese. That's not normal and that's not healthy at all.

I can't think of any words for someone who would sue their doctor for telling them the harsh truth outside of "Selfish, malignant prick". I might have fallen out a little with my doctor over what he said but ultimately he had my health and continued existence in mind. He wanted the best for me.

Sometimes that particular doctor might be a bit of a dick and not take me as seriously as he should. I'm willing to admit I feel that way. But, again, the truth is that a lot of my conditions ARE caused by my weight. Losing weight has really improved my health. I still have a touch of the sleep apnea but so do a lot of thinner people.

Your doctor isn't trying "shame" you, he's trying to save your life. If you're really so fucking delusional that you believe you can be healthy and live a long life when you'e three times the size of a healthy person you need someone telling you the truth. The truth is that no, you can't live like that. Not for very long anyway.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Not Everything Is About Sex Or Race

This is one that might annoy some people but you know what? I have nothing better to talk about. If you're keeping up with online news you might be aware of the furore over at the self-proclaimed front page of the internet; Reddit. In short the interim CEO Ellen Pao banned some subreddits including a popular one dedicated to hating fat people. There were others but that's the one people focused on. When that happened a huge row about censorship came up and it turned out Reddit were censoring a lot when no one was looking.
There's a fair bit more to it than that, but that's the long and short end of the stick. The people at Reddit, myself included, moved to another site called It's like Reddit but with no censorship. The only thing not allowed there is illegal material. This lead to the banning of a subverse (the Voat version of a subreddit) about jailbait. People got in a bit of a tizz but no one found themselves leaving because of it. The difference being that the reason for banning it was legitimate and open and honest. Reddit banned things they disagreed with while leaving other, far more questionable, things open such as r/coontown, a subreddit dedicated to hating black people.

Still with me? That's basically the background to this post.

There was more of an uproar when Reddit fired a popular admin with no warning, which pissed off all the moderators there. It lead to several blackouts and even a petition to have Pao removed. A petition which garnered over 250k signatures and did in fact lead to Ellen Pao stepping down as Reddit CEO this past Friday.

Since then every news source reporting on the story has felt the need to make it a racism and sexism issue. Ellen Pao is an Asian woman and because of this everyone is trying to spread the story that anyone who disagreed with her was a racist, or a sexist. Despite the fact many women came out and said they decry this approach. It's a very popular approach to take when the facts disagree with you and the message you're trying to spread. Ellen Pao is not some kind of martyr, or feminist icon. She was someone who was bad at her job and paid the price for it. The story the media would have you believe, that's utterly false, is that misogynistic trolls got a woman fired.
Besides the Voat Goat is adorbs

Not everything is about sex or race. We can never move past those issues as long as people try to cling on to them too. It really bothers me that you can't criticize a non-white or female (or in Pao's case both) without people claiming sexism or racism. People are bad at their jobs. People fuck up. People commit crimes. People can be terrible people. These people can be black, white, Asian, gay, straight, men, women, whatever. They need to be called out and not get a free pass because they're a minority, or they're part of some "oppressed" group. Ellen Pao proved to be bad at her job.

She had little to no understanding of how Reddit worked and is made mistake after mistake. It had nothing to do with her gender or her race. This is to do with her being bad at her job. If she was a white man then no one would be drawing attention to the gender or race. This was neither a racism or sexism issue and the fact people are trying to make it so pissed me off so much I wrote this huge fucking rant. These people deserve to pay the price for their actions and their mistakes. In the case of Ellen Pao that lead to her losing her job as Reddit CEO.

Not everyone who was against her was some kind of racist or sexist. Not everyone who is against a black or Asian person is a racist. Not everyone who is against a woman is a sexist. People need to be held accountable for their actions regardless of race or gender. We can't move past these issues unless you stop drawing attention to them.

So stop. Treat everyone equal, even when they mess up.

If you actually read all this then thanks. Sorry it's a bit longer than usual but there was a lot of history to go through.

Friday, 10 July 2015

What Is The Measure Of Success?

I'll level with you all; I had no idea what to post about today. So I poked around one of the online discussion groups I'm a part of for inspiration. I stumbled on to a pretty interesting thing to think about. "What's your definition of success?"
An accurate representation of success
A lot of people would define success as having a lot of money. Being financially responsible certainly seems like a good indicator of success. Money is rewarded based on your skill level. The more you have the more successful you are. At least that's the way they would have you look at it. Unfortunately for me that tends to be the way I think about success too. I really do feel that if you are successful at something you will have, or will eventually, make a lot of money from that thing. If you haven't, then you haven't succeeded.

But there are other aspects to success too. Things like independence and the ability to take care of yourself. You can have all the money in the world but if you can't do anything for yourself then can you still call yourself successful? If you lost your money you'd be screwed because you'd have no idea how to take care of yourself.

I think that ultimately success is measured in a lot of different ways. There's no one defining factor for success. It's essentially made up of four main parts; happiness, a lack of stress, financial security (you don't even need to be rich, just not living from paycheck to paycheck) and independence. Again, that's just how I choose to look at it.

How would you define successful? 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Slow Down And Enjoy The Ride

I'm not alone in saying that we're in a far less patient society. Everyone seems to be a lot more impatient these days. It's not hard to see why. I'm a Netflix subscriber but that's one aspect of the problem. Instead of watching a show week by week you can just wait until it's online and then watch it all in one chunk. That's definitely something I'm guilty of. There are shows I haven't seen because I have trouble watching week to week and having to wait between episodes. 
Damn you Netflix!
This doesn't just confine itself to entertainment. Although I would like to add that reading has taken a hit as well. People have a lot of difficulty sticking to a long book, and even more difficulty sticking to a series. I noticed that myself again as I read two seven-book long series' in a row and found it to be difficult. I'd probably find it murderous to attempt to write one. Some stories need to be told along a lot of books though. 
I think Artemis Fowl has 8 actually, and is one of my favourite series'. 
All of this does spread into society. People get angry about having to wait a few seconds more than they have to wait. They hate waiting at traffic lights whether they're in a car or not. I think it's one reason fast food has become so prevalent and, with it, problems like obesity. People can't be bothered to take the time it takes to cook an actual meal or wait for someone else to cook one. A lot of problems emanate from this lack of patience and it spreads further than people realise. 

So take the time. Wait a little longer. Life isn't as short as you think it is. Waiting a few more seconds won't kill you, but getting angry about it will thanks to high blood pressure. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Immortal Space Minor Announcement

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, today I come to you with an announcement slightly bigger than the title of the post would suggest. It's just that I'm missing a major component in order to make it a really major announcement. Give me a drumroll kitty!
As of this past Saturday I am now, completely, 100% done with Immortal Space. Sort of. When I say I'm done with Immortal Space I mean that I've finally finished writing it. All the chapters are written, all the extra bits are written, all the text is formatted properly, and all the spelling has been checked. It actually took a while to do the spell checking because there's so much slang in there. A funny thing to note is that when I formatted it properly I managed to somehow cut about 70 pages out of the document. SEVENTY. Tha fuck?
It's down to a healthy 457 pages
Now unfortunately this doesn't mean that Immortal Space is released. That's why this isn't a major announcement. All the story is done now but I still don't have a front cover yet. The friend who said she would make it for me won't even be home until the end of this week. So it could still be a few weeks yet until the book is actually released.

Look forward to it.

Friday, 3 July 2015

I Fucked Up

This is a post I considered not making. I considered hiding from the truth and from the shame I felt because of it. Because I fucked up. But then I realised I needed to be accountable for my actions. There's no point in hiding from the truth. There never is.

Christ to listen to me you'd think I was about to confess to murder. I'm not by the way. Nothing that serious at all. I just got weighed on Tuesday and messed up and didn't lose much more than a pound in five weeks. Which is atrocious.
One truly is the loneliest number. 
I can blame my birthday feast from last month. Honestly that played a major part. But even after my birthday I continued to screw up and eat things I shouldn't. Exercise can only get you so far and bad eating habits can ruin any amount of exercise. To that end I am making some eating changes over the course of the next few weeks.

There are some foods that, after I run out of my current supply of, I will no longer be buying again. Chief among which is the humble packet of crisps. I used to eat two packs a day. Then it was one. Soon it will be zero. I'm going to make some other smaller changes that should see me shaving off between one hundred and two hundred calories a day. It might not sound like much but it will be in the long run. The minimum recommended caloric intake for men is 1200 a day. I will hit that. No more than 1300.

Something has to change. The next time I get weighed I want that something to be my fucking weight.

Happier tidings are coming on Monday at least.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Self Censorship

There was a post I was considering making today. A post that would have struck some as being a bit controversial, or put me in a really bad light. The fact of the matter is that I, like everyone, has a controversial opinion. Something I feel strongly about but would not really want to share with the public at large.
Truly the most unpopular opinion in the world
Then I thought to myself "Maybe I shouldn't make that post." I have a small readership as it is. I don't want to piss some of them off and drive them away. Though that's quite sad in itself. I much prefer the idea of everyone being comfortable speaking their mind no matter their opinion. There are people who do that anyway and don't care what people think of them. But I, unfortunately, am not one of them. Which is a real shame because one of my life goals is to become someone who refuses to apologise after accidentally offending someone and starting an internet war. Whenever someone cows down to pressure and apologises for something innocuous there are people who attack them for doing so. I want to test how many people would actually stick by someone refusing to apologise. I have strange goals.

That said, I will say this; offense can only ever be taken, and never given. Even if someone says something horribly offensive it's entirely up to you how you respond. I have been subject to a number of personal tragedies I can't talk about, but I love jokes about those matters. Then there are people who have been in similar situations who can't take them at all. Then there are things I don't handle very well at all.

As per usual Zach Weinersmith puts it better than I ever could. 


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