Thursday, 25 June 2015

"Love" At First Sight

Time for me to wax philosophical for a minute. It's one of the things I do best after all. So I was trawling around the internet when I stumbled upon a slightly interesting question. I say interesting because it got me to think a little. Someone basically asked the question "Do men believe in love at first sight?"
Kirby Cupid is best Cupid. 
She asked the question based on the fact that true love takes time. A real relationship takes time. I remember reading somewhere (though I'm not sure where now) that a crush lasts four months. Four months is how long it takes for you to fall in love. That would seem to disprove love at first sight, no? That wasn't my answer to the question though. This was;

"I have experienced "love at first sight" but over time came to realise all that is, is lust. You can fancy someone at first sight sure, crush on them, and want to do them, but you can spend five minutes with someone and then realise that's all you want to do. You don't like them and you can't build anything long term with them. True love, like you said, takes a while to work out.

But lust can be an excellent building block for an initial relationship. If you want to be with someone based on just their appearance at first, and then it turns out you have a long and lasting relationship, who's to say it wasn't love in the first place?"
Hearts are fickle things
That's really how I feel on the situation. Confusing as it is. I can't say I necessarily believe in love at first sight. Then again, maybe you did feel love at the time without realising it. Who is to really say?

Do you believe in love at first sight? 


  1. I thought at first you had fallen in love at first sight, just going by your title! Maybe it is more of an instant attraction.

  2. Some people swear by love at first sight, but I'm more inclined to your opinion. Lust at first sight happens all the time and is often mistaken for love.

  3. You can fall in love with someone "at first sight", but that is only part of the problem. What if they don't like you back... what if they would have liked you, but they are already married or something?


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