Monday, 8 June 2015

It's Awesome Black Widow Is Human

This post stems from a conversation I had with my nutritionist the last time I got weighed. See, as well as talk about my diet and things like that, we shoot the shit on a lot of things. I'm not entirely sure why but she likes being social. We've debated veganism (she's a vegan) and a whole bunch of other things. This time one topic of conversation, for whatever reason, was Black Widow from The Avengers.
She will eff you up. 
Rather than the whole "Is her appearance sexist?" (it isn't) thing she actually took issue with the fact that Widow has no superpowers. She felt that the lone female member of The Avengers should have powers. My argument was that it's awesome she's entirely human. My argument was simple; as a human, she is completely attainable to. For women that is.

I can look at someone like Thor, or Captain America, and I know I can never look like that or do anything they can do. Their powers are not really based in reality. Iron Man has a genius level intellect and works with alloys that aren't real. So even he is something I could never be. I guess Hawkeye is attainable but all the biggest and baddest heroes are people I could never be like.

Black Widow though? Women can look at her as a role model. She looks like a real woman, she acts like a real woman, and everything she can do is (supposedly) physically possible. She is someone a woman can actually be. That's pretty cool to me.

For the first time in human history someone won a debate. Sort of. She admitted that I had a lot of good points and gave her something to think about.

Her unzipped costume aside, what are your thoughts on Black Widow? 


  1. Good for you Mark, I didn't see the movie.

  2. She is probably the least offensively dressed female comic book creation. I do love a woman in a black catsuit.

  3. Agreed, I think she's completely bad ass and the fact that she can hold her own while not having any kind of super powers almost seems more impressive than her having powers and still fighting alongside them.

  4. Can you get black widow to come to my bday party? My wife can't pull any strings.

  5. It is my understanding that the Black Widow's name in Natasha and she is Russian. But Scarlett Johansson doesn't play her with a Russian accent. Things like this, and the Incredible Hulk's pants never rip off... and well Thor is Zeus's son or something... the Avengers is just too damn ridiculous for me.


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