Friday, 26 June 2015

I Need Your Help. Yes, Yours. And Yours.

As you all know I'll be releasing a book in probably under a month. If you don't know that then you should know it's going to be called Immortal Space and it's going to be super cool and you should buy it when it comes out. Anyway, one major aspect of a book is the cover.
Look at all dem sexy, sexy books. 

Let's be honest for a second here; we ALL judge a book by it's cover. Not just literal books too. We take a lot of our first impression of a person from how they look. So a book cover can be just as important as all the fanciful words inside it.

I'm not going to ask you to draw the cover for me. Asking a group of people to do a cover would be ridiculous. I'm having a friend do it. Hopefully. She's agreed to it but she also agreed to go on a two week camping trip. She's also highly distractable. All of this grouped together may mean as much as we both want her to, she may be unable to do it.

Anyway the thing I need your help with is the font for the title of the book and my name. I've narrowed it down to a few choices but I'm having trouble picking one. So I'm going to show you the ones I picked and you guys let me know which one(s) you like. I can't say for sure the most popular one will be the font used but it'll help. So here are the choices.

Crash Scene

Forgotten Worlds


Neo Sci Fi 2

All of the fonts come from DaFont and are licensed as being completely free/for commercial use so there's no worries there. Let me know which one you like the look of! If you're a font-y person and have suggestions of your own drop one of those too.


  1. I've always been told that you want to pick a font that conveys your genre. The first three do that pretty well. I'm partial to Forgotten Worlds, but that's just me. It has kind of a classic video game sci-fi look. But Neo Sci Fi 2 is a little more on the goofy side (and as Rainier Wolfcastle says, "It is not a comedy.") Also, Summercamp looks a little more on the fantasyish side.

    Just my 2 cents. Can't wait to see the cover.

    1. DaFont has a really nice category section. I can tell you that Summercamp is a Fantasy one. I considered using a fantasy one because with the immortality aspect, there is a small aspect of fantasy. I guess it's not enough of an aspect to justify a fantasy style cover. Thanks for the opinion. I'm partial to Forgotten Worlds and Freya myself.

  2. Crash Scene and Neo Sci Fi are too busy. Forgotten Worlds seems a bit too in your face at first sight, and I don't particularly like Freya's italicasion(?). Summercamp seems okay-ish, but its R is a bit funky.
    That's just my nitpicking though. If I can find the time I'll look through my own font collection as well, most of those have permissive licenses as well.

  3. I like Forgotten Worlds. It's eye-catching while not being "loud", unlike Crash Scene.

  4. I like Freya.
    I also like turtles and love lamp, soooo....

  5. I like Freya, but I don't think it's possible to judge without seeing the cover the font will sit within!


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