Monday, 15 June 2015

I Need A Dictaphone

I don't know about you guys but I'm quite the dreamer. As in, I literally have a number of dreams. I think I gave up on dreams about life and my future a long time ago. Wow, it's as I write that that I realise how sort of serious I am about that. Fuck. Well anyway, to get away from that depressing tangent; I have some really weird and out there dreams. They're almost never to do with what's happening in my life at the time. Though they of course include people from my actual life. I remember reading somewhere that happens in every dream because the human mind is incapable of creating characters. Apparently everyone you see in a dream is someone you have seen in real life, even if for but a second.
Dreams are awesome, but weird. (Source)
A lot of great stories started out as dreams. Harry Potter is a famous example. J.K Rowling has said that she got the idea through dreams. I also need to stop mentioning Harry Potter so god damn much here. It's just the most common and known example. I think a lot of writers get great ideas from their weird and vivid dreams. The kind of dreams I have. Ones that would make an excellent basis for stories. The only problem is I'm no good at remembering dreams. Hence the wish for a dictaphone.
I realise the obvious solution to my problem lays with my phone. It has recording software. Or an app can be downloaded in seconds. I just feel that by the time I bring myself around enough to start up my phone and load up the app I'll probably have forgotten that quickly. Still I doubt there's any harm in trying and I should give that a go.

The major downside of something like this though? I'm not a fan of my voice. I couldn't imagine sitting down and listening to myself half asleep muttering about some weird stuff I saw in a dream.

What kind of dreams do you have? 


  1. You know, they say that creative people tend to dream more. And yet... I'm not a big dreamer. And when I do dream, they aren't very creative or memorable. Just mundane stuff. Like, the other day I dreamed I was grocery shopping and was upset because I couldn't find where they stocked the mustard. That's it.

    Where's MY Harry Potter, dammit?

    (So if you are getting awesome dreams that could be potential story ideas, you should definitely record them, regardless of hating your voice)

    1. I have never have mustard. Come at me bro. Last night I had a dream that my cat killed a mouse. It was pretty mundane. But I also had a dream I was playing a game and then when I woke up I was like "Dude I could have turned that game into a story." I can only really remember the mundane ones. I can vaguely recall weird and creative ones.

      I did grab an app that records sounds and doesn't record silence. I set it up last night and it recorded five minutes of audio while I slept and barely drained the battery. It also means I wouldn't have to move at all to record what a dream was. I just have to say out loud what I was dreaming and it'll pick it up. I'll see where it goes from here.

  2. Maybe we are not meant to remember our dreams!

  3. I have read the thing about that your mind doesn't make up new characters when you dream. How do they know that? Seems like something impossible to prove, I would seriously like to know how they came up with that.

    Never thought of carrying a dictaphone around with me. That's a great idea, but for now I will just try to remember to write things down.

    1. I don't know how they proved that either. It is something that would be pretty difficult to do. Unless you had someone with an eldritch style memory who remembered everything they dreamed and everyone they had seen in real life. But that would likely be near impossible.


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