Thursday, 7 May 2015

It's "Erection Day"

Hopefully the use of quotation marks in the title of the post will alert people to the fact it is a deliberate typo. It's a reference to the fact some politician did actually release a leaflet with "erection day" instead of "election day" on it. It was beautiful.
All kidding aside it is actually that time again; election day is once more upon the British Isles and we finally, hopefully, be getting rid of the arrogant money grabbing posh twats currently running the country. Yes I am aware of the fact we will most likely be replacing them with another set of arrogant money grabbing posh twats, but a girl can dream.

As you're all no doubt aware the list of things that annoy me is remarkably large for someone who has such an awful amount of patience. One thing that definitely does annoy me is political apathy. I just generally don't like people who complain about something but then never do anything about it when the chance presents itself. If you're going to complain about politicians the least you could do is vote for someone who has views that are similar to yours. If you can't find such a politician, you simply aren't looking enough. At the very least you can't vote for someone who isn't the worst of the bunch.

To that end I will be voting today. I might have even voted by the time you read this. Though of course we won't know the results until tomorrow. Actually if there isn't a majority we might not be sure of who is running the country for a few weeks yet. If there isn't a majority and no coalition is formed we'll even have to have a whole other election. Yikes.

Though I am pleased to report that no politician has personally canvassed here and knocked on my door themselves. I guess I live in a town that isn't worth their time.

Lousy arrogant money grabbing posh twats.


  1. With a name like DUDridge the guy already had 2 strikes against him... after that poster he is definitely out.

  2. I love that leaflet! The initial spelling error makes the whole thing read like some sordid sex act, LOL! Who doesn't like a good "propping up" every once in a while?

  3. That poster says it all. Ya, you have to get out and vote even if it's just for the lesser of two evils. I think it's now that way all across the globe.

  4. Sounds like the politicians there are no better than here. It's a joke here. The people's voice doesn't matter anymore, only the voices of the wealthy.

    Have you seen this yet?

  5. I was thinking about this recently. How much better would "democracies" be if you had to take a test and score half-decently to be allowed to vote? It would test you on basic political knowledge and core values for each party.

  6. hope your party wins. I always try to vote even though I am not political.


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