Thursday, 21 May 2015

It's ALL Sexism And Racism

I'm not one for waxing political on here. Yes I'm still going to say that even after all the political posts. I like to live in a fantasy world. But today I'll be taking a rare step in to the real world and appealing to the better nature of you, my dear reader.

There are people who like to say that there's no such thing as reverse sexism, or reverse racism. That is to say; being sexist towards men or racist towards white people. These people are wrong and right at the same time. There is no such thing as reverse racism and sexism, because it is ALL sexism. Sexism towards men is just as bad as sexism towards women and racism towards white people is just as bad as racism towards white people.

Recently the Diversity Officer of Goldsmiths University, a woman by the name of Bahar Mustafa made very racist and sexist comments towards white men in public. She also constantly posts things on Twitter using hash tags such as #KillAllWhiteMen. There are a lot of people who think this doesn't mean much but those people are wrong. How would you feel if someone said they wanted to kill all black people, just for being black? You find it abhorrent when women are treated like shit and you should feel the same about men.

The things she has said breach the code of conduct at Goldsmiths University and border on legitimate hate speech that should see her brought in front of a court. To that end a petition has been set up to have her removed from the university. A diversity officer of all people shouldn't be talking like this. To that end a petition has been set up and I'm asking you to sign it.

You'd sign something to punish a man for hate speech. Do the same for a woman. Show actual equality and diversity.

Thank you.

This is the petition.


  1. Very surprising behaviour from a DIVERSITY officer, of all people. She may think she's just attacking white male privilege but there has to be a less inflammatory way to expess things.

  2. We need to get back to Martin Luther King's message of non-violence and unity. This dividing people into camps is not good for the future.

  3. Oh yeah, I caught a whiff of all that mumbo-jumbo, too. In all seriousness though, it's no worse than people going "kill all black people" or "women need to know their place". I find there's nothing shocking about this whole ordeal. Only thing that stands out *slightly* is that she's a diversity officer, but it still doesn't surprise me much. This is the world we live in, bleh.

  4. let's put her in the stockade and have people throw eggs at her


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