Monday, 25 May 2015

Happy Early Birthday To Me

We're approaching that time of year when I can say to myself "Happy birthday" and not be thought of as an idiot; as it will in fact be my birthday tomorrow. I know I like to dance around my age a bit here but when I become famous details like my date of birth will be public knowledge so what the hell? I'll be turning 25.
Hey it's Pikachu!
I have a few plans but nothing involving going out or anything like that. The main fundamental of my plan is actually "eat pizza and drink copious amounts of alcohol; quite probably alone." I never really do anything for my birthday anymore. I think the last time I did anything was when I was 21 and Jessica made me do something. She's in Spain now though so she can't do that anymore.

My boss offered to take me out for dinner and, while the act did almost make me cry (I'm not used to acts of care and kindness. That's how not used to it I am) I had to turn him down. A lot of places are going to be closed tomorrow and I sort of have plans. Maybe next year if I still talk to him. It's funny actually. Next year I'll turn the age he was when we first met. I didn't think about that until just now. It's actually his birthday today. Happy birthday. I doubt you read this. I hope not. He certainly wouldn't be happy to hear my birthday plans.

I'd go in to more about why I'm not that thrilled to be turning 25 but I'll save them for another day I think. This is getting a little long and I'm sure most of you would want to just wish me an early happy birthday and go about your day.

If you'd care to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow on Twitter I'd really appreciate it.


  1. We'll do our best to remember a Twitter birthday shout out, which will be seen by THOUSANDS.*

    *Like, one guy... and maybe my cousin

    Happy pre-Birthday! 25's a good age. And eating pizza and drinking copious amounts of alcohol sounds like a damn good time to me, with others or alone.

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow Mark!!! You are just a couple of years older than my daughter.

  3. Happy early birthday. Hopefully I will remember to wish you a happy birthday on twitter as well.

  4. Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow Mark!

  5. Typed this out, hit "publish" and then my comment just disappeared. Wonderful.
    I'm probs going to forget tomorrow, since I'm a heartless cunt and all, so here's your happy birthday wish!
    But did you seriously decline the kind man's offer because you had originally intended to spend the night by yourself (which can be every bit as enjoyable, granted)? It might've been nicer for both of you if you took him up on his offer.
    Also, the bio on the right here will need updating in a year from now. (Aged 13 to 25, but not for long!)

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I remember MY 25th. I was still married to Mrs. Penwasser #1 (aka "Bug-Eyed Ugly Woman").
    I like to blank that part of my life out.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Happy birthday to you getting old aren't you

  9. I know I'm a day late but I hope you had an excellent birthday Mark!


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