Thursday, 14 May 2015

Back To Back To The Future

So last week, or the week before, or maybe even the week before that, I went back and watched a classic movie in The Breakfast Club. This past weekend I found myself at home alone. I knew it was going to happen and I also knew what I was going to do; I decided in advance that I'd watch the Back To The Future trilogy for the first time in years.
I was 12 all over again when that happened.
As much as I remembered most of the first movie I didn't remember much at all about 2 and 3. The series was actually much darker than I remember. Especially the second one. Most people remember the happy go lucky future world of 2015. I think most of those don't think too much about the time he went back to 1985 and didn't spend much time at all in 2015. I know I did. The new world of 1985 was essentially a post apocalyptic past.

That was a stark contrast to the way movies based in the future look now. Almost everything set in the early 21st century, while being created before it, paints the world as an incredibly futuristic place. There are robots and flying cars everywhere. When it comes to BTTF 2 everyone remembers the hoverboards. At least those are becoming a thing now. Now however things set a much bleaker picture of the future. I'm not sure if people are depressed about the future or are just more aware of the advancement of technology. Whereas in BTTF2 it was the past that ended up looking like something out of a post apocalyptic movie.

One of my favourite aspects of the movies though? There are two. The first is that the movies are set up as an actual trilogy. They lead in to each other and are very self referential. There are repeating scenes like the Biff of the age getting covered in literal shit, and Marty waking up and talking to someone he thinks is his mother. The other is the music. Outside of licensed music like the classics of Johnny B. Goode and Power of Love, the music is just different renditions of the original theme. They switch it up a little to fit the scene but it's obvious it's the same song. I loved that for whatever reason.

They were fun movies that still hold up today, and hopefully still hold up in ten years time when their idealistic view of 2015 becomes even more comical.


  1. I didn't see either of the sequels, but I think I would find it depressing that 2015 didn't turn out as great as the movie had hoped. I did hear the Cubs were in the World Series and that is likely not going to happen, but the Back to the Future prediction actually seemed to give Cub fans some hope for this year.

  2. I just hope I live long enough into the future to see flying cars.
    Or sex robots.
    It's a dream I have

  3. my husband loves the 'back to the future' series. I loved the first one.


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