Monday, 18 May 2015

Always Back Up Properly

I learned on Friday that, contrary to my week having a good ending, I would in fact be spending the weekend alone. So that really sucked but it did afford me an opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for a while. That thing is to clean out my computer by completely restoring it to factory settings. That meant backing everything up.

Windows 8, for its faults, does have a nifty little feature that makes it super easy to restore your computer. You can either refresh it, which deletes everything but your personal files and takes a few hours, or a complete reset which deletes everything and leaves you leaving your computer on overnight. I decided to do the second option. After backing everything up of course.

You'll be pleased to hear that despite my fears everything was backed up. I put some things on my external hard drives and others on my cloud services. No nude selfies though. No fappening for me. Not that anyone cares when a non-famous person has their nude selfies leaked.

Not everything was backed up properly though. I learned a while back that if you back up and copy your iTunes folder properly you can restore it how you left it. That is to say that your playlists, ratings, and things like that are saved. That's handy for someone like me who has over 2000 songs in their library and doesn't like the idea of rating all those songs again. I forgot the important step of actually backing up my iTunes library though and opened iTunes to discover that a few playlists were missing, as were a number of songs. They were safely on my hard drive though so it was just a matter of readding them.

Things like my stories have been backed up properly forever though. In fact they pretty much just live on the cloud. So there's no delay on Immortal Space or nothing and there shouldn't be, even if I buy another computer entirely.


  1. I'm glad you were able to restore without any major losses, and like you, I keep my writing on the cloud. Also, I'll say it - iTunes is just the worst program on the planet. I'm not anti-Apple. I just know that all the times I used it, nothing was ever easy and simple tasks always took hours. Especially syncing and backing up/restoring.

    1. I know it's terrible for some things but my MP3 player of choice is my small iPod shuffle. So I have to live with iTunes. I've seen a few other media players that are pretty good, not counting Windows Media Player which is actually worse than iTunes, but it's tough finding full iPod compatibility.

  2. This cloud is a wonderful thing good for you Mark! Reminds me it is time to do a blog backup

  3. It's my personal mission to remind everyone that there's no shame in making a full copy of your hard drive onto an external one before wiping things. So, there you go. Makes it 100% certain nothing is forgotten.

    1. There are two things that stop me from doing that. I agree there's no shame in it.

      1. I don't have an external hard drive large enough.

      2. I'm a massive hoarder, even electronically. I need to wipe my hard drive and clean up all the crap I'll never actually look at or use again. So I have no problem with not being able to save absolutely everything.

  4. If you keep everything backed up, the computer will never fail. If you don't, the computer will inevitably crash and burn all of your most prized virtual possessions. At least, that is what computers have taught me over the years...

    Smart to always back up your stories. I nearly lost all of mine once, hands down one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life.

    You should check out The Curst Sons if they're ever playing anywhere near you. Gothic country band based in England. They're amazing, but sadly the U.S. Doesn't seem to be a destination for any of their upcoming shows. Go forth and take photos and videos!!!

  5. I transfer a lot of stuff to my external hard drives and flash drives as often as I remember to do so just in case the computer dies but thankfully this one is a new computer so should be good for a few years to come, I did back up and transfer stuff when I got this one off the old computer.


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