Thursday, 23 April 2015

They Didn't Take Your Job

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and it seems her country is going through the same issue a lot of countries are; there's a whole lot of immigrants "taking jobs". It's become perhaps the most popular battle cry of every anti-immigration person there is. Unfortunately things are a bit more hectic in her country than in a lot of others and the people are taking it to a rather insane degree. So it's important to take a step back and see that no, the Mexican or Polish person did not in fact take your job.
No they didn't
The jobs that immigrants take come in two kinds; menial labour and really advanced things like being doctors. Most doctors who work for the NHS are foreign born and that's not bad at all. These are people who are fully qualified for the jobs. When it comes to employing skilled foreign workers people make sure that the people they're hiring are going to be the best for the job. When more natives go through with university and training then more natives will become doctors or whatever else they want to be.

Then you have menial work. You have cleaners and builders and the like. These are the jobs that natives are usually not willing to do. If they were then they would get the job. Provided they have experience and all of that. It costs money to hire a foreigner. You have pay for work visas and in some cases even financially support their move to the country. It's far cheaper to hire a native. If a company hires an immigrant illegally to save money then it becomes an entirely different issue.

When your job is outsourced, or when you're actually fired and replaced with an immigrant then yes, they did take your job. I will listen to you then and agree that it is a shitty situation. When you just cry that immigrants are taking jobs because they have them, then I assure you that they earned that job.


  1. "When your job is outsourced, or when you're actually fired and replaced with an immigrant then yes, they did take your job."
    But the same could be said for your neighbor, right? If you're fired you've either been working one of those throw-away jobs, or you've been performing very poorly.

  2. I realize that this is a complicated issue and that my opinion may be simplistic. But, whenever I hear someone complain that someone else "took their job," I think it's a kind of an excuse. I then have to squelch my reply, "So, you weren't more competitive than that person?"
    Like I said, complex issue, but when I go to get a job, I want to be BETTER than you. I won't use an excuse.

  3. I have worked jobs with immigrants. They all nicknamed me with the Mexican word for baby chicken. The boss was the Mexican word for turkey, and the other white guy was nicknamed the Mexican word for cow because he was bit over weight. Cow was actually pretty pissed about that.


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