Thursday, 30 April 2015

That's Not Good

I don't know if I announced this or not but I was weighed this past Tuesday. As you might be able to guess from the title of the post it wasn't great news. It was a loss, which I guess a lot of people would class as good, but of only two pounds.

Two is the loneliest number it's the loneliest number after number one
I know a lot of people would feel like I should be happy with any loss. That two pounds is still good. I'm not a lot of people though. Two pounds in five weeks isn't good at all. I will do better next time. I should be much further along than I am. Instead I have less energy and a higher appetite which is pretty much the opposite of how it should be. Losing weight should result in a smaller apatite, and more energy.

It's time I whipped myself back in to shape and did as good as I know I can. The next time I'm getting weighed is the 26th of May. It's only four weeks rather than the usual five, but it's also a very specific day. It happens to be my birthday, and I'd like to get weighed before destroying my body with drinking alone.


  1. Not saying two pounds is a huge accomplishment, but at least it's not gains. Don't beat yourself up over it too much.

  2. Spring is here -- time for new beginnings! You can get out and walk around and burn some extra calories, yay!

  3. 2 pounds is better than a gain

  4. I really understand, half full, your honor?...losing two pounds beats the snot out of GAINING two pounds.

  5. You keep going in the right direction. There are millions and millions of people going in the wrong direction. You are doing good.


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