Monday, 27 April 2015

Sincerely, The Breakfast Club

This might come as a surprise to most of you as you're older than me (Fang is probably the only one younger) but this past Saturday was the first time I've ever sat down and watched The Breakfast Club. A friend wanted to watch it and so I decided to watch it with her.
You can only fit so much 80's in to one photo
I was a child of the 90s more than the 80s so I never saw it growing up, but I have heard it's reputation. It's regarded as one of the best movies ever and definitely one of the best "coming of age" movies. After watching it I can say that, yeah, it probably does deserve that reputation. It was a bit weirder than I thought it would be, and it was a lot different from what I expected, but the theme and the tone of the movie was about what I thought it would be. Five people who are perceived as being different from eachother being forced to stay in a room together for a day and realise that there's actually not a whole lot of difference between them.

I think that for it to have the most impact on you though you have to watch it when you're growing up; when you're about the same age as the characters. I really did enjoy it, but for me it wasn't as "life changing" as I've heard some people describe it. The things the movie tries to teach you and show you are things I already knew. If I ever have kids I'm going to make them watch it when they're about 15 or 16 and struggling with finding themselves. It'll help and affect them a lot more than it did me.

That said; still an excellent movie and one I'd recommend.


  1. Man, you're way behind the curve. Even I've watched that movie, what, two times already! It's definitely a classic, and a great one at that.

  2. I haven't seen it, but it sounds interesting.

  3. I was just thinking about this whole Breakfast Club mania the other day (for whatever reason), and ironically you decided to blog about it. It was kinda perplexing me why there was so much Breakfast Club stuff being posted around the internet. I remember the time it was out, it WAS kind of a big deal, but not as huge a deal as it seems to have become legendary over the years. The 4 stars of the movie were called the "rat pack", they were huge stars at the time, but their careers totally fizzled out which is partly what befuddles me of how come people are acting like this movie is the Citizen Kane of "coming of age" movies now.

    1. I accidentally typed rat pack instead of brat pack. I was hoping to correct it before some smarty pants came by to point that out, but I guess i'm too late. : P

  4. ^^ Actually they were called the Brat Pack, because they were kids. It was a nod to the Rat Pack, which was Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

    I actually made my wife watch this for the first time about 6 months ago. She too was more of a 90s child than an 80s child. I still love watching it. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but still a classic.

  5. As a child of the 70s, I remember, when I saw this, thinking, "Oh, yeah? Well, they're super hip NOW. Just wait until they're a couple decades older and they're looked upon as aging hipsters by the youth of the 21st century." I thought the same thing about "St. Elmo's Fire" and "Friends." Well, time has passed and they ARE kinda aging hipsters. Who make much more money than I. Sigh....
    BTW, I enjoyed both movies. 'Friends"? Not so much.

  6. Molly Ringwald always bothered me, idk why.

    Have you ever seen Teen Witch? That is a classic 80s movie that everyone should watch.


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