Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ideas For More Stories

I mentioned before that I had gotten an idea for something to do with my next story. That was the idea to write it out by hand, which actually had very little to do with the story. This time though I do have an idea for the actual story I'll probably be writing next. I still want to write The Spirit, which is the story I began writing in order to tell, but to be honest I'll probably go ahead and write Caspian next after Immortal Space.

Which is going to be a grand pirating story arrr. 
One major problem I had when coming up with that idea was a real motivation for Caspian; something for him to go after. In a pirate novel it's almost always a treasure but I couldn't think of one. I can now say that I have thought of something that I feel would be a pretty cool motivation and a way to go about pulling it off. Of course it's cliché-ridden but what good story isn't? It's not really about the story but how you present it. Well that's not exactly true, but it is important to remember that tropes and clichés exist. Almost everything you can think of has been done. It's all about how you present them and tell that story.

For as bad as Twilight is, I at least respect Meyer for using her own versions of vampires. 
It's going to be quite a commitment though because I have ideas that cover not one, not two, but three stories. It's a hell of an undertaking to commit to a trilogy. I think I can do it though and that this deserves to be a series. The really scary thing is that I considered making it a series of seven books. Seven was way too much though. I don't think I could pull off a seven book series unless I got a really great idea. I don't even know if Immortal Space will get a sequel even though I'll give it an ending that leaves room open for one.

Speaking of Immortal Space; progress on it has been halted for a week due to taking on a small writing job that's going to keep me busy this week. I know some might be disappointed but, hey, I'm a whore above all and will write for money. 


  1. Arrr, I loves a good piratical yarn, my hearty.

  2. Good for you writing for money!!

    Pirate stories are great, I hope you post some for us to read. I keep meaning to go back to the pirate books I did a few years ago and make them better, but laziness continues to get in the way...

  3. I can't imagine writing a 7 book series. Though like you say, maybe if they threw some money in front of me, I could do it.


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