Friday, 17 April 2015

I Walked Too Much

Yesterday I did something that, by now, I'm quite probably regretting. The fact of the matter is I already sort of do. But not totally because I try not to regret things and despite the number it did on my legs and feet I think it also did a lot of good. That stupid thing I did was go on a walk. A seven mile walk. Ish. I had to walk to my bosses house first and then walk past my house, to go to his house, to go back to mine. I did see a cool cat while I was at his house though. She let me stroke her and everything.
So that was nice.
Barring personal or business related reasons I tend to go to the gym with my boss every Monday and Thursday. Those are the days he has off work. I go on my own when he can't, and he sometimes goes on his own too, but we generally keep eachother going. Today though I had the bright idea to go on a walk instead. He wanted to do one before but it was after we'd already been to the gym. It was getting kinda late and I was super tired. I felt bad about that and offered to go on a walk today. Doubt I'll be doing that. It was a walk to a place where we got some food and then walked back. I live in a very hilly area too so it really took it out of my feet. There were a lot of twists and turns as well which is why even though it was seven miles the whole journey there and back took close to three hours.

I did see some nice things though and we talked a whole lot, which was nice. You can't really hold a conversation in a gym. It's hard to talk over the sound of pounding techno music. We just talked about whatever the hell came to mind, including the time I got a ride home from a stranger when I was 14. I don't know if I've told that story before. I also saw some sheep and some lambs so that was nice.

Kinda hard to see them but they are there.
All in all I don't really regret it. I guess I'll see how I feel later though. I mean, the last time I did a seriously long walk like this I was stuck in bed for almost a week. At least being stuck in bed means I can do a lot of work on Immortal Space eh? I'm getting to the juicy bits now.

When was the last time you went on a really long walk? 


  1. I love going for walks, they are a good thing if you pace yourself!

  2. Walking is more exercise than a lot of people think. Mrs. Penwasser likes to go on walks. Jeez-a-lou, I can't keep up with her!

  3. Walking can take a lot out of you. I used to go on daily 5+ mile hikes when I was unemployed. Now I can barely walk to the end of the road and back. :/

  4. Seven miles? Holy guacamole! Walking is a great idea, very social and good exercise, but work your way up to those big walks, eh?

  5. Hello Mark, greetings and good wishes.

    Walking is good provided you don't strain your calf muscles. I agree walking in a hilly terrain is tough with ups and downs, twists and turns but since you had company probably you did not feel the strain at that time.

    I am sure you are living in a lovely place with plenty of greenery where there is no pollution.

    I walk every day in the morning and evening but my walks are limited to about one hour at a stretch and I am not living in a hilly terrain.

    Hope you will not feel the strain.

    Best wishes


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