Monday, 6 April 2015

I Think I Can See Through Time

Okay I'll be totally honest here; I'm writing this at half past midnight, about nine hours before it actually goes up. I'm also operating on four hours of sleep, two giant cups of coffee, and a hot chocolate. I had the hot chocolate in the hopes of helping me come down from the coffee and maybe getting to sleep. That plan seems to have failed. I think I put too much sugar in the hot chocolate. If there's no post on Thursday I think you can conclude I died. I mean, I even lost vision in my left eye earlier. It didn't last too long though. I have Strabismus anyway so I only see out of one eye. I'd be cool losing vision in one eye.
I have derpy eyes. These are not my eyes.

Well anyway I hope you all had a good Easter. I didn't really get a whole lot done. Nothing Easter-y anyway. I didn't have any chocolate eggs or anything at least. I might get some today on offer for cheap. I'm at the age where I really kind of have to buy my own. I did have one last week though because my boss was nice enough to buy me one. I went to bed at 8AM, was up at 1PM (throwing in how long it takes me to get to sleep it works out at about four hours sleep) and I actually walked to work within about fifteen minutes of waking up. Turned out they were closed. I have no clue why I thought they'd be open.

Well I should really get to sleep before my heart explodes or something. Also don't worry for my health I'm pretty sure I'll be fine and I'm never really very serious when I talk about my health. I think I'd outright say if I was concerned. If I don't I'm mostly kidding around. There's only been one time I was actually concerned I might be having a heart attack. I called an ambulance and everything. They took so long to get here I calmed down, came to my senses, and cancelled it. I lived that day, so therefore was not having a heart attack.

I really have no idea where my heart's fortitude comes from. I've put the little bastard through so much.

I < 3 my heart.

Seriously I hope you had a good Zombie Jesus Day


  1. Maybe you should go have that eye looked at.

  2. Well, since you just dropped by our blog, it sounds like you survived the night. Unless you took a cue from zombie Jesus. I'm sure your heart's fine, but I once had a coworker who drank 4 energy drinks a day, and her doctor told her that if she didn't stop she probably would destroy her heart, as even at rest she had the heartbeat of someone suffering a panic attack. Ouch.

  3. I had a beer, four deviled eggs, and the head of a chocolate rabbit.
    So, I hope I'm good to go.

  4. I must apologize at laughing that the ambulance actually took so long responding to a potential heart attack that you told them not to bother. Because I feel like that shouldn't be funny....

    Everyone should have a Cadbury Easter egg for Easter!!


  5. I heard chocolate has caffeine in it, so I think you were trying to calm yourself down from caffeine with more caffeine. Don't believe those memes about a glass of nice chocolatey milk solving all your problems.

  6. I don't want to lose vision in either eye, just saying
    I love hot chocolate, just saying
    I also love Cadbury chocolate


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