Thursday, 16 April 2015

Explaining Female Armour

Disclaimer; I'm not being entirely serious with this post. It's the kind of weird shit I think of is all.

When it comes to video games, comics, TV shows, pretty much any form of visual media there's one common complaint that seems to entice the entire internet; the revealing nature of female armour. Or just the way female characters dress in things. It tends to be highly sexualised which, understandably so, tends to annoy some people. Over the years a lot of female heroes have actually worn more and slowly dressed themselves more. There are even some female characters who wear completely non-revealing armour. Of course there are male characters who also wear revealing armour, but who gives a fuck about that?
Kaim "Bondage Gear" Argonaur. Not revealing, but hardly practical. 
The thing is though; there are a lot of women who deliberately play up their sexuality to do something they want. People can try and deny it but it's true. Just like there are men who do similar things. Humans are pretty much hardwired to do anything they can, and use everything they have, to do anything they want. Remember how Batman justified being insane and dressing as a bat by saying he wants to instil fear and terror in to his opponents? It's kind of the same thing for female armour and female superheroes. It adds a layer to their characters by, almost ironically, taking some off. It's highly distracting in a fight and even though it isn't very practical for stopping actual attacks, it can sure as hell stop someone who is easily distracted.
If you don't look at her fist it'll hit you in the face and she knows it. 
I actually have a female friend who has admitted she once get in to a fight with someone and took her top off to distract him and win. She did it to me too actually. There are women who will do that kind of thing and there are men who probably would too. Female characters are not actually just being overtly sexualised; they're really just using everything they have to their advantage and utilizing something they have to get the job done. Everyone does that. 

Because I can imagine someone might get pissed off; I'd like to reiterate that nah, I'm not being entirely serious. But, hey, for all we know this is actually why it's like this. 


  1. As long as we live in a society where being successful and making money are the most important things in the culture then you will always have this.

  2. I enjoyed this article, a lot of truth in it really.

  3. And here I always thought that female armour was revealing and impractical because these cartoons are aimed at horny adolescent boys who need something to fap to! Silly me.


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