Friday, 3 April 2015

Being Desensitized

While I was visiting Morgan and getting weighed we ended up having a bit of a chat, as we always do. She's a vegetarian herself and we kind of got in to a bit of a discussion about the fact I eat and enjoy meat despite loving animals. I pretty much have one simple rule when it comes to eating meat; I wouldn't eat an animal I could keep as a pet.
Except pigs. I wouldn't mind a pet pig but I still love bacon. 
Rather than bore you with the whole vegetarianism thing I'll just focus on where the conversation went from there. It somehow ended up with me talking about how desensitized I am. Pretty much nothing I see really affects me. The only thing that still does is animal abuse. I still can't bear to see animals get hurt. Unless I'm going to eat them I guess. I'm not stupid; I know what an animal goes through before it ends up on my plate. She has a friend who actually refuses to eat chicken legs because she doesn't like the reminder it was a chicken. That's just dumb.

If you can name it I've seen it. In fact I can't even name some of the things I've seen. It would make people worry about me too much. I'm oddly empathic for the plights of people I know given what I've seen people I don't know go through. I've seen pretty much every ISIS video in their entirety and things a whole lot worse than that. There was even a time I got curious and sought some of it out. I'm not talking movies here either. Some people see a lot of things in movies but then get disturbed by the real thing. To be honest I feel I should already shut up here. I'm just saying; I'm really, really desensitized at this point. It's probably the reason a movie, show, or book has never really made me cry. If they can't disgust me, I doubt they can make me feel on the other end of the spectrum.

Would you class yourself as desensitized? 


  1. I've seen my share of gore etc. In some places it just passes by every now and then. I usually don't spend much time on it though. Not because I can't stand it, but because the whole idea of it is just so... nah.

  2. I am unfortunately not desensitized but I do eat meat.

  3. Wait. We're NOT supposed to wear pants on our heads? No wonder people looked at me funny at the mall.

  4. I am now trying to avoid things that I think are going to get me feeling depressed. There is nothing I can do about them anyway in most cases, so what good is it doing for me to letting them get to me. I wouldn't say I'm desensitized but there is so much bad stuff in the world, really can't let it all get to you like that.

  5. Reading this made me think of a conversation I had with my mum only last Wednesday she was telling me how she was buying eggs the week before and a woman says to her you're buying caged eggs, do you know what the chickens who laid those eggs went through how they are treated and so on, mum looks at her tells her she isn't stupid she knows but since she doesn't have the money to afford to by free range eggs she doesn't care she wants eggs and she will buy what she can afford, here the difference in price is a lot caged eggs you can get for $3.00 a dozen, free ranged you are looking at between $7-10 a dozen so more then double the prize. Mum said the woman was shocked by mums response but she didn't care.


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