Friday, 13 March 2015

Lesbian Dating Shows

You might have noticed this post on Monday. What happened was I accidentally scheduled two posts for the same day. So I moved this one to today.

So I was watching TV with a friend last week. By which I mean I was in a video call with them while they watched TV. I have very few local friends. Actually my boss and his partner are the only local friends I have. I guess they're pretty relevant to seeing how they're gay. The show on the TV was a gay dating show. It was basically a gay version of Dinner Date.
Look at that smug asshole's face. 
The show itself was pretty bad. It relied heavily on stereotypes and terrible jokes that reinforced those stereotypes from the narrator. There was more innuendo than in a Carry On movie and the narrator actually used the word "Gayte", a combination of gay and date. That was one of the last straws for me. I was pretty sure that we'd moved on from the idea that gay people are oversexed and can't look at something without seeing something they can shag. Guess not. This stuff wouldn't happen on a straight dating show.
They wouldn't imply the female contestant on Blind Date was an oversexed slut for example.
But this got me and my friend thinking and I came up with something I was a little surprised I'd never realised before;

There are no lesbian dating shows.

There are barely even any lesbian TV shows in general. There are a few; such as The L Word, but there are far more gay TV shows like Queer Eye, Queer as Folk, Will And Grace, and the gay dating shows as I mentioned. I don't know if anyone else realised this but lesbians are, without a doubt, more culturally and socially accepted than gay men. In my opinion at least. So it struck me as being a little odd that there are less lesbian related programs. I certainly can't think of any lesbian dating shows.

Knowing my luck there's probably loads and I'm just that far out of the loop. 


  1. I really can't think of any lesbian shows besides the "L" word. It's a good point you bring up.

  2. I can't think of any lesbian dating shows but, since I despise all reality shows, that's a good thing in my opinion. If lesbians are "more culturally and socially accepted than gay men," as you say, it's only because straight men like to fantasize about three-ways with two women which they mistakenly think is the same as lesbianism. Once they learn it's not, their hostility level rises to about the same as for gay men.

    1. Aye I know that's why. People like to fantasize about lesbians. I'm from a thankfully pretty gay friendly place and I've never seen much hostility with my own eyes.

  3. I've never even seen a gay dating must be different in Europe.

  4. True. I can imagine such a concept being successful. You should submit your idea with a TV production company.


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