Monday, 30 March 2015

Immortal Space Update Deux

After accidentally calling the first update "Immortal Space Update Un" I thought I'd actually go along with the naming convention and decide to number the updates. So that's why this one has deux in the title. I think that's the correct spelling at least. I should know a thing or two about spelling; what with being a writer and all. Then again I'm only an English writer and can't be expected to know how to spell things in French.
That is one delightful piece of French toast.
I know I said I would make the first post of each month an update but I decided to change that to the first Monday of each month and, yes, it's still March, but it's so close I can just post the update now. To be honest I have nothing better to do. I'm likely to do some writing tomorrow so you can add one to however many chapters I tell you I've written now. Well I suppose it's time to check in on the progress...

I wish I was at 65%. I need a fancy progress bar.
At the time of writing, which is technically Monday morning (It's 2AM) I have written a grand total of seventeen chapters, encompassing roughly 52k words. One of those chapters came in at about 7k words and took a while to write because it was so long. I'm not good at things that take too long, hence turning them in to manageable chunks of 2k words. This means that since my last update I have written eight chapters and a further 22k words. So it's eight chapters with about ten "chapters" worth of content. The document is also up to 206 pages now.

That means I'm technically still on target for that summer release. Go me!


  1. "To be honest I have nothing better to do."
    Yeah how about you stop posting and just slave away at IS instead? (Loaded acronym, double meaning, general rudeness, oh my!)

  2. Wonderful progress! I like the idea of small manageable quantities of work.

  3. Hey, what Fang said - you DO have something to do... keep writing. Oh, and keep up the good work. That's pretty badass progress.

  4. Well done! And yes, "deux" is correct.

  5. There's an idea. Have Immortal Space translated into French and lots of other languages to increase readership...

  6. Interesting, and have say different languages leave me wondering what the hell is being said


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