Monday, 9 March 2015

I'm Not Dying (Apparently)

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not but I currently have something akin to a lump in my throat. The problem started about a month or so ago (I'm terrible with dates, for all I know the problem could have lasted since last year) and so last week I finally decided to see the doctor. Once they could see me, due to cancellations and doctors themselves being sick.
"Physician, Heal Thyself" (source)
He said, quite frankly, what I expected him to say. Because the problem originally began as a sore throat he believes I have just a little bit of an infection of inflammation left over from that sore throat. I should leave it a few weeks and make another appointment if it goes away. Thanks. I guess. Not like I waited a few weeks to call a doctor in the first place. At least he looked in my throat though and said he couldn't see anything. So it wasn't a complete dismissal. There was a dismissal of it being anything seriously bad though because I neither drink nor smoke.

A lump in the throat is no laughing matter though. It can be any number of things. The worst being, of course, throat cancer. I really hope it goes away on its own like the doctor said but fuck, just once, I'd like to go to a doctor and be told something other than "It'll go away on its own" or "lose some damn weight". Another reason I hate going to the doctor. There's only one in particular who says that though so I just have to avoid him.

Well here's hoping the problem fixes itself and, if it does't, it's nothing serious. I'd like to avoid an early death.

Never thought I'd say that.


  1. I had a lump on my chest once. Of course I thought I was going to die, so I scheduled a doctor's appointment. After barely looking at it he said, "Oh, yeah, it's just a blocked hair follicle that's puffed up. It'll go away." Needless to say, I was still paranoid, but in 2 weeks it was gone.

  2. What the doctors always tell me is "it's just middle age." Fuckers.

  3. I once had a lump in my throat, went to the doc, he knew right away it was caused by an infected pimple he noticed near the site. I was 23. Hope it's something like that for you.

  4. I hate it when you wait to see the doctor and they tell you to wait a little longer to see if it fixes itself and if not go back, what the hell is with that.........

  5. ugh. i know that had to scare you...i am glad it was not much...but still ack...hope it goes away....


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