Thursday, 12 March 2015

Drugs Accidentally Made Legal In Ireland

Don't be too excited about that title up there. The drugs were made legal for pretty much only one day, and that day was yesterday. In what was a spectacular legal failure for Ireland they accidentally made more than 100 drugs illegal by sort of deciding that an add on of the Misuse of Drugs Act introduced in 1977 was unconstitutional.
Wrong constitution...
The amendment never officially passed parliament and was introduced anyway, meaning it was technically an illegal law. Because the amendment was thrown out, the entire act was meaning that anything banned under it became legal again. This didn't include really hard drugs like cocaine, but did include a number of legal highs and legitimate drugs such as ketamine. There were some emergency laws that were supposedly brought in in time before an official law could be made and approved today.
Remember kids; drugs are bad mkay
It was brought about when someone was arrested a few years ago and his lawyer noticed the amendment that made the drug he was caught for technically unconstitutional. Sometimes people we need to come together and accept that lawyers are a force for good. If it wasn't for lawyers we wouldn't have people accidentally making drugs legal.


  1. "Drugs are bad", can we please stop shoving everything into the same category please?

    I heard of this though, wondered if there'd be a short burst in local drug trade. Essentially you could just walk onto the busiest street you could find and shout "anyone selling X?" without getting yourself or anyone who offered in trouble.

    1. Hey don't worry man. I've said before I am a proponent of the legalisation of weed. Not all drugs are bad, it's just too difficult to resist Mr Mackey.

    2. Cool.
      In general though, whether a drug is good or bad doesn't depend on the drug itself. It all hangs on the user, whether they are responsible with the substance or not. This is why the "all drugs are bad and melt your brain" propaganda is so damaging. When people inevitably do decide to try out a substance, they don't know the facts, proper safety guidelines, etc.
      It's all just kinda sad.

  2. Yes, thank gawd for lawyers, I always say.

  3. I sometimes automatically post blogs by accident that I meant to put on delay.
    I think this has something to do with drugs.

  4. One wonders about things like this like how and why and what the hell


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