Monday, 23 March 2015

British Politics And The Culture Of Exploitation

Just a warning but this is going to be long and very political. Not much fun here today.

I wouldn't blame you for not knowing this but the UK elections are coming up in just a few months. We make less of a fuss about them than 'Murricans. For the last five years the country has been run by the ConDems, an affectionate portmanteau of the coalition between the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrat party. For the past five years low income families have suffered and for the past five years a culture of exploitation has thrived.

Statistically things are better. Average incomes are up and unemployment is down. These are flawed statistics thanks to Zero Hour Contracts. This is where people sign on to a job with no guaranteed hours, but no pay increase to compensate. Not to mention the "workfare" scheme where claimants of jobseekers allowance, a social benefit to keep them afloat while they look for a job, are forced to work for their benefits. It sounds alright until you consider they are forced to work 36 hour weeks for practically nothing. It's modern slavery and nothing less. To anyone who has a job, and who thinks people on benefits are all scroungers, how would you feel if you had to work at effectively less than a pound an hour? I think someone did the math and saw that was what it worked out at.

You know what else is up? The number of people who rely on food banks to survive. If average income is up why are there so many more people worse off? There are a lot of people individually who are screwed completely and it's just getting worse for them.

People who are desperate are being exploited in one form or another. The job centre exploits people by treating them like shit and forcing them to work for nothing. Then people take zero hour contracts to escape this and are just exploited again. They have no idea how much they'll work or when. There are even stories of people threatening to kill themselves in job centres and even pulling out knives to do the deed. This is the point we've reached. Some people have actually committed suicide over all of this.

This is bullshit and it can't be allowed to continue. It's actually potentially going to get worse too. UKIP are the acceptable face of racism and are the main threat to the Conservative party as people are likely to vote for one or the other. Nigel Farage is the leader of UKIP and has said he's willing to form a coalition with the Conservatives. The two of them together is way worse than either of them individually. It's the worst possible outcome for the country; a racist and a classist who have a surprising amount in common.

I'm aware I don't have much in the way of UK readership but if you're out there and reading this for the love of all things decent don't vote Conservative or UKIP. The country can't take five more years of this. Vote Labour or Greens or whoever you want, just not either of those.



  1. Any time I think we're screwed here and wish I could live somewhere else, I realize that the rest of the world is pretty screwed, too. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. I hope that changes for all of us.

    1. Sadly, thousands of years of human history would indicate you'd have a better chance of seeing Jesus at a nudie bar.
      With Ghandi.

  2. You're right about Americans losing their minds about elections. My head hurts when I think how much I'm going to hear about the 2016 election. Twenty months before the 2016 election.
    If I were to run, my campaign motto would be simple (I hope):
    Don't Be An Asshole
    Wonder if that would fit on a button?

  3. It seems hard to understand how these political parties that just screw the working person are able to hold onto power. Shows you how effective propaganda and enough money to propagate it is.

  4. I'm not political but well said! Sounds like it's time for a change!

  5. I have to vote on Saturday, just thought you would like to know that but I am Aussie who to vote for everyone is an asshole who likes all the time


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