Friday, 6 March 2015

"Bible Study"

So yesterday we had some good news coming out of the so called "Bible Belt". Now today we have sad/hilarious news to come out of one. I'm told this is actually pretty legit and it's something that's probably become more big news by now and something everyone has seen. I'm just writing this pretty far in advance. I figure because it's something stupid rather than Earth shattering news I can write about ten weeks from now and still have it be funny/relevant.
Sometimes funny too
Anyway, a school in South Carolina ran a "Science Quiz" for their fourth grade class. I actually can't prepare you for this, so I'll just post the pictures and quietly sneak away. I will warn you though, you may rage, and probably will. Here's what passes for science in this school. If it's any consolation this story IS true, but it's also very OLD. The school that ran the quiz has since closed.

What a sad day for humanity it was when this quiz was given. At least the kid got all the questions "right". 


  1. You remind me of my son, the photos he likes! Who knows what the point of that quiz was.

  2. Pretty appalling, what passes for education among the religious.

  3. Hah. I couldn't think of what to say. Though the last answer to the quiz got me chuckling. :P

  4. I'm sorry...I just can't get past those pictures of tits.
    Did I miss something about God and dinosaurs?


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