Friday, 20 February 2015

Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children?

I was at the gym with my boss P yesterday when he informed me about something going on with the charity we both work for. I might have given his name before but fuck it I'm going to start using initials now for real people in my life. It just makes things easier. Anyway, we were at the gym and he told me something. Something that made me make a post and is going to force me to reveal the charity I work for. Again, something I've probably already done.
That's right I work for the children's charity Barnardos. They do a lot of cool things with kids such as providing them with a lot of care and, as they say themselves, "giving children back their future". They used to have their own houses where they took in abandoned children but don't do that anymore. Actually our store has only one of two surviving "Barnardos Children". That's a pretty cool stat for us considering I live in the arse end of nowhere.
I personally LOVE IT
Our lovely little charity got in a bit of trouble that had completely escaped me even though it's been a bit of a country wide scandal. We have an Instagram account as well as other social media accounts. The scandal came when it came out that Barnardos had paid someone from a British reality TV show £20,000 (about $32,000) to partner with them on Instagram and do some promoting for us via their Instagram. The reality of the situation is that YES the "celebrity" was paid, but they were only paid a far more reasonable £3000 (about $4700). Still, people hate it when money raised by charity goes to non-charitable things. Especially when it goes to promotion like this. Apparently people are going as far as to boycott our stores.

These people are complete fucking asshats.

Every year we get together and celebrate Children In Need. A time when a metric fuckton of celebrities get together and do comical shit to raise awareness and money. Do you think these people do it for free? Of course they don't. Very few celebrities actually do the work they do for free. You know those god awful Sarah McCloughlin (I probably fucked her name up) ads that people either love or hate? Yeah she was paid a lot of money for that.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the money that Barnardos makes goes directly towards helping children. My boss personally loves children himself too. So much so that he is willing to quit his job to become a foster carer so he can impact their lives even more so. When you say and do something stupid like boycotting a charity you're only hurting the people that the charity is helping.

The fact that you would refuse to give money to a charity means that the people they should be helping won't get anything. These children need support. They're the reason charities like Barnardos exist in the first place. I can understand being upset at what you feel is a misuse of a charity's funds. What I don't like is the idiocy being displayed and the lack of care being shown to the people the charity is trying to help. This is a charity that seriously believes in helping children, and so do a vast majority of their employees. They were only trying to spread the word and reach even more children than they already do.

Fuck you if you would punish them, and by proxy the children they help, for that.


  1. Firstly, I didn't realize that Barnardo's even still existed. Many, many "Barnardo's Boys" were sent to the Canadian prairies in the late 1800s to work as farm labourers, etc. In fact, my father is named after one such Barnardo's Boy who was killed at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in WWI.

    Secondly, most people don't understand how charitable funds are raised. They think the money just magically arrives from the heavens. Spending money to raise money is perfectly fine so long as those costs don't exceed 10%-15% of the charity's revenues. But some disreputable charities do spend an inordinate amount on fundraising and administration.

    1. I didn't realise the charity was that old myself if I'm honest. Children in Need is a lot of fun and always raises millions of pounds so I don't mind so much how much they have to be spending in things like overhead. The Susan G Komen Cancer Charity is another one that spends a lot of money on admin and gets in some trouble because of it. It's also bad when you work in a charity shop and people complain about prices even though they're incredibly fair. P tells us to charge about a third of the actual retail price.

  2. It sounds like a good charity, hope it will continue for many years more.

  3. How awesome that you work for a children's charity. I knew you were a good man :)

  4. Whoa that's too bad the media screws up all their information and this time it's hurting kids. Well what can you expect no one has any journalistic integrity anymore. Hopefully it'll blow over.


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