Monday, 9 February 2015

The Publishing Process

In the week that we just said goodbye to, I was asked on two individual occasions if I had any plans of submitting Immortal Space to an actual publisher. To be honest it is, of course, something that I've considered. I've lamented before that I've not got the resources to really push a book myself. I also don't have the resources to get those resources. If I was to run a Kickstarter or something like that, then I wouldn't really succeed with it. 
Crowd funding requires a crowd...
I had a look at the publishing submission process. It was a little more than I expected. As well as submitting either the finished manuscript/chapter summaries/writing sample you need to answer some questions. It's the kind of thing you need to consider on your own anyway when I really thought about it. They ask you your scope, your audience, and your competition. This presents two problems; my chapter summaries are very basic and I'm also not very aware of my competition. I'm not sure on the other science fiction novels out there. I imagine people who enjoy the Star Wars novels would enjoy it but I can't really say "This book was released last year and I reckon people who liked that would like this." 
I'm out of the reading world. Boo.
I'm still considering it but right now I have serious anxiety issues. Not to mention you have to wait a few months before getting a response, if any. I'd submit something to the publisher then spend the next three months worrying about what happened. For now I'll probably stick to self publishing, but I suppose we'll see how I feel in a few months when the story is closer to being finished/is actually finished. 

Who knows? Maybe a publisher will see this and send me an email. Hi random publisher! 


  1. Maybe u have places like this in the uk.

  2. Sorry this is the website I meant

  3. Well, no matter which way you end up going, you've got people who will support you. So you're right, worry about writing the story first. It's just nice to know that whatever happens, at least you have an option to get it out there no matter what. Didn't always used to be that way.

  4. If you want any help/moral support with submitting your book, I've been sending my books out to agents for years, so I've gotten fairly familiar with the process (and coping with the rejections). Good luck!

  5. Years ago I use to submit things I wrote to publishers. I totally gave up and decided to do what I do now. There is a lot of rejection involved so brace yourself for that, if you go that route.

  6. Submitting stuff to publishers (or literary agents) is hell-on-a-stick. If you attempt to go that route, my advice is to think of it like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it off the side of an ocean-going ship. Consider it gone. Don't think about it, where it is, who might be seeing it or what its fate might be. It's just gone. And then you can drop another off the side of the ship a little further along. Don't even give anxiety a chance to get involved.

    Or, you can self publish and go through that kind of hell instead. Hells, everywhere! Yaaay!

    That's not to say you shouldn't do it, of course.

  7. I came I read but have nothing not something I know anything about


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