Monday, 23 February 2015

Life Doesn't Sound So Bad

Something really unexpected happened last week. I woke up to a friend request and a message from someone I never expected to hear from again. An old ex of mine. Someone I hadn't spoken to in about six or seven years. I wasn't really against talking to her because it had been so long I just didn't care about it anymore. Plus there were some things about the relationship that I didn't have answers to. This lead to the whole "life summary" thing that you do whenever you meet someone that you haven't met in a long time. Or sometimes when you meet someone new and they ask you about yourself.
Oh Fluffmodeus, you so crazy. 
"Well to give you the long and short end of the past number of years for me...let's see here; I kind of floated around for a few years. My head was a bit of a mess and to be honest I don't really remember much about 17-19. I really don't. Even after then I never really focused on anything. I started volunteering at a charity shop which is when I started turning my life around a little bit. I cleaned myself up and acquired decent human clothing. I started writing too. I've had a blog now for the past few years and started writing properly. I'm in the middle of writing a novel and I've self published a few things on Amazon. No number of great sales but at least I can say "Hey I did something". I got fucked over by a publisher last year which is why I've decided to stick with self publishing. I've achieved no real level of success in anything I try except weight loss. I lost sixty pounds last year. That felt pretty good. My head is still a pretty big mess though. Oh and I have cats. Two of them.""

It's not much, but that doesn't sound as bad as I sometimes make things out to be when I put them into a much shorter perspective. The past seven days? Shit. The past seven years? Not bad.

How does your life look, looking back years rather than weeks? 


  1. Looking back years? Well, I've cultivated a metric shitton of experiences and have made a couple of cool softwares, so that's neat. Everything else kind of dwarfs in comparison.

  2. cool on the friend request...
    hey i am not surprised by the crazy trip my life is
    it is full of change...i am the ever vagabond...

  3. That still sounds pretty accomplished and you're young, so you've got more years to cultivate more life experiences, more books, more sales, etc. And don't feel bad, I can't remember any of my early 20s. That's not a reference to me drinking, mind you, it's just that my life was so mundane and boring (go to work, come home, write, sleep, go to work...) that I don't remember a bit of it.


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