Thursday, 5 February 2015

In Light Of Recent Events

I think I'd be remiss if I really went without mentioning something pretty major that happened in the world this week. Actually a lot of things seemed to go down this week. It's been a bad week to be a person, and I say that as someone who is still trapped in my own depression. Even I can look out and say "fuck I don't have it so bad."

The event I'm referring to in particular is the latest video by the terrorist group ISIS. We recently had the Paris attacks that gained world wide coverage and now we had something that somehow managed to top even that. This week ISIS performed, and filmed, an execution of a man by immolating him; by burning him alive.

It was fucked up on so many levels and something that is actually expressly forbidden by the Qu'ran. They can spout all the nonsense they want about Jihad being allowed by the Qu'ran and everything they've done being permitted (which is technically accurate) but the use of fire as a punishment is actually clearly against the Qu'ran. The Qu'ran states that fire is a punishment reserved only for Allah and the fires of hell specifically.

This time, as well as messing with a country that won't stand for it (Jordan) they've managed to do something that is completely against the religion they say they fight for. As I said Jordan haven't taken this lying down. Unlike Europe, or America, who continued to condemn the actions but not really doing anything, Jordan executed the two prisoners it was holding in an attempt to trade them for the captured pilot who was killed. To make matters worse it turns out the pilot was reportedly killed about a month ago and they kept the video to themselves to try and secure the release of their prisoners and further scare the Jordanian people.

That's all this is; a scare tactic. The point of their executions and the public nature of them is designed as a scare tactic. They want to scare you in to giving in and its vital that you aren't afraid. It's kind of funny that terrorists like to say that if you kill one of them, they just become a martyr for more to take their place. The same has become true of the people they are killing. Some Jordanians are scared. Some people all around the world are scared. But many more of them have their resolve boosted.

ISIS are a step above regular terrorists when it comes to actually causing terror, but hey, if we in the UK and those in America and the rest of Europe took this incredibly serious and dedicated more manpower to this (which unfortunately we can't do because we're fighting on too many fronts now god dammit) then it would probably be over pretty quickly.

Don't let fear control you people.


  1. After what they did to the Jordanian pilot and that Japanese journalist, I wondering if the geniuses in ISIS are saying to themselves, "Uh, oh, Jordan and Japan aren't like the United States. We may have gone a bit too far."

  2. I saw that on the news yesterday, it's absolutely disgusting.

    What I don't understand is how 100 years ago, one dude in Sarajevo gets assassinated and the entire world goes to war, but now a group of terrorists commits one horrific atrocity after another, and the world pretty much does nothing. I hope Jordan really goes after them, since clearly the US can talk a lot of s**t, but doesn't seem to have the balls to do anything.

    Uuggghhh sorry for the rant. This whole thing makes me furious.

  3. A group so obviously evil as ISIS, it's hard to understand why they have any supporters to begin with.


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