Thursday, 12 February 2015

I Lost Some Weight

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I was scheduled to be weighed this past Tuesday. I know it was only three weeks but my nutritionist is going on holiday for the next few weeks. For a lot of people she just went a longer time without seeing them but she said she was worried about me because I looked, and was, so depressed and upset after that six pound gain.
I'm also going through some very tough personal times right now
I won't be weighed again for another six weeks because of this holiday, so by then I can lose a lot of weight. But for now I can be content, and even happy, about the fact I lost four pounds in three weeks. Which is pretty decent. I know I fell off the wagon a little so I know if I can rein everything in and get back to how I was before I can lose a lot of weight. One major problem I now suffer from is that I'm doing too much exercising. Anyone who does a lot of exercise can tell you that the more you do the more you need to eat.
The problem with that is that outside of my time at the gym, I continue to live a fairly sedentary life. That is to say that I don't do a lot of exercise or expend a lot of energy, which means I can't really eat much more. Guess I need to find some low calorie snacks or something. Morgan recommended taking in more liquids too. Sometimes you can feel hungry when you're actually thirsty because bodies are fucking weird.

I did also find out that she actually uses me as a story of hope for some of her other patients/clients. I'm someone who goes in questioning my success and not getting the losses I want, but over time and over a year I lost about sixty pounds by sticking at it even though I was questioning it. She kind of messes up though because she says I've lost half the weight I need to when I've actually only lost about a third but oh well. 

Now to get her to tell her other patients to buy my stuff. I can see it now. "Oh yeah, there's this guy who comes in here a lot. Like you he questions things and wonders if it's all worth it. A few pounds off here, a few pounds off there. Before he knew it he'd lost a ton of weight, a little at a time. He mostly cut food out and also went to the gym a couple of times a week. You don't need to worry about exercise too much either. This guy? Yeah he wrote a book during this time too. So he wasn't very active at home. You should check it out. You can find it on Amazon."

Okay maybe a little more subtle than that. 


  1. Ah that's great that you are not only an example to others but getting a plug for your book too. You shouldn't get so down on yourself, everybody has a bad day or week now and again. I use to get super down on myself when I did, but then I realized that was doing a lot of damage to me. If you just accept the fact you are going to have bad days and don't mentally and emotionally punish yourself for it, that is the best for you because no one's perfect.

  2. Everyone falls off the wagon about something, but getting back on again is what counts! Good for you, Mark.


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