Thursday, 26 February 2015

I Have Another Dream

In a sort of continuation of "Things I'd do if I was famous, and rich", I got another pretty cool idea yesterday for something I would enjoy doing if I managed to become a famous author who had enough money to do nice things for other people. I've actually had some pretty philanthropic ideas I've not shared in case I could never do them. They involve people close to me you see.
Thankfully I don't have stalkers.
I've talked before about how writing is a lonely existence. Everyone has. There's a whole other layer to it though. It can also usually end up being a bit of an expensive existence. Writing is one of those jobs where you're only paid when the work is complete, and even then you aren't really guaranteed much money. Not everyone becomes a millionaire writer, and not everyone gets the chance. I've managed to really trim down my expenses but if it wasn't for my dad I couldn't focus entirely on my writing like this and there are people who are in a similar situation.

I feel that not really being able to support yourself that well is something that is holding a lot of people back and that there might be a lot of potential out there we can't tap. The person working two jobs to earn enough to get by might be the most creative genius in the world, but the world would never know because he doesn't have the time to write and if he quit a job he wouldn't have enough money to support himself for the months it takes to write a book.

Should I find myself in the position where I have way more money than I could possibly spend, I would love to find a way to give it back to the writing community and support writers in their journey to write things. I would set up financial aid for people so that they could support themselves while taking time out of their busy lives to write. Not everyone can support themselves to such a level that they can write, and I'd like to do something about that.

If anyone does this I'll know you stole my idea. If you do this, please give me money kthnxbai. 


  1. ha. i like the thought behind this...
    it would be cool to use your money to build a community where
    writers can focus on their craft...and giving back is very noble...

  2. It seems like back in da day people were famous because they were really talented at something. I don't know if this ever was true, or if it was just my imagination, but lately I have come to the opinion most people are famous because some evil corporation spent a gorillion dollars advertising them and brainwashing the public into thinking they are all that and a bag of potato chips, when there are probably more talented people stuck working at Kentucky Fried Chicken that no one will ever hear about.

  3. If I ever find myself having more money than I could possibly spend....those may be a cop car's lights in my rear-view mirror.

  4. interesting thought, of course with giving money comes a lot of administration, to ensure the money gets into the right hands. I like the idea of giving back.


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