Friday, 13 February 2015

I Also Lost A Safety Net

In case you're wondering why the titles of today's post and yesterday's post follow on from eachother it's because I wrote them one after the other. There's nothing really wrong with writing posts in advance, especially when the news you're conveying is kind of old like this. It'd be pretty stupid to write a reaction piece to breaking news and schedule it for a week from now, by which point it would be old and not worth talking about.
Breaking news; news has broken. More on this news later. This is the news. 
I got an email about a month or so ago that was pretty scary. I've mentioned before that I've done a fair amount of work through the freelancing site It's one of the freelancing sites I'm a part of and the first one I actually found some work. While the first few jobs were a bust I eventually found a few that got me some decent money considering the work I put in. They inevitably ended up becoming too depressing and I had to quit, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. 
This picture was too awesome to not use again.
The email I got was a warning that, due to negative feedback I was receiving, my account was under review. If I failed to improve that feedback then I would have my account suspended. The problem? I had ZERO idea I was getting this negative feedback. My personal profile saw me rated at five stars and everyone who left me public feedback said I was great. I said before that the two people I was working for were quite sad to have to let me go but were nice enough to. While I was working written jobs I would send out applications for voice over work. As I understand it, the people who post jobs can leave feedback for the people who apply. This feedback is private and I'm not privvy to it. This feedback was, ultimately, negative. It was also enough to warrant them sending me a warning. The even bigger problem? I'd already quit by this point. 

I was working on Immortal Space and didn't want to take on work just to improve my profile. I was happy having left that work behind and focusing on personal projects. I left it and hoped that by not getting any more negative feedback, they might allow me to stay on. At the very least they might listen when I informed them of the situation. 

They didn't. 

I got another email this week saying that my feedback was still low and they were going to suspend it. I couldn't apply to any more jobs and instead could only finish the jobs I was already on and hope the feedback to those jobs was good enough to save my ass. I wasn't actually working any jobs at the time though. I had no way to save myself. I sent an email to them explaining the situation; saying I had no idea about this private negative feedback and pleading my case that everyone who hired me loved me. It wasn't enough though and apparently the fact that I wasn't working due to personal issues and therefore couldn't improve my feedback score wasn't enough for them. My account has been suspended and I lost a safety net. I told myself that if Immortal Space flopped I could at least go back to Odesk and pick up another writing job. That is no longer the case. 


I still have a few other freelancing sites but Odesk is one of the best. Outside of their customer support apparently. They let you take skill tests and that was the reason I was hired. I scored in the top 10% for the tests that counted when it came to writing work. I have to hope now that my experience is enough when it comes to applying for jobs on other freelancing sites. I still get the occasional job from Fiverr but nowhere near enough to be able to support myself on even the most basic of levels. 


  1. Wait, how did they think a private feedback system was a good idea again? Hell, why is it even possible to give feedback on people that just apply? Sounds like a shit system to me...

  2. Sounds really lame that people can give negative feedback anonymously, and it can hurt you that much. These people sound like cowards as they apparently were polite to your face but then decided to slam you behind your back. Welp, you meet a lot of crazy people and cowards on the internet, seems like you met some at this site. You could try going to the people who give you positive feedback and do some small projects for them just to get your score or whatchamacallit back up.

  3. u are better off out of that place, with unknown negative feedback...sheesh. I had to laugh at that last memo generator piece. (well...F...)

  4. So, I might want to scrap that post about Michael Jackson's death?
    Well, there's always that Mayan prophecy thing.

  5. ah that sucks man. eh, let it can find something else...
    and quite frustrating how all that went down...

  6. Ok have to say this...........that sucks.................lemons............


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