Thursday, 19 February 2015

Here There Be Dragons

After pondering for a short while what to make a post about I remembered that there was a post I had wanted to make a few weeks ago but, obviously, never did. So now I'm going to make that post. Yay for plans that fall through but come back later and provide a handy escape route.
Escape Rope powers activate!
It's no secret by now that I do some volunteer work at my local charity shop. Well one of them. We have about four or five now. It's ridonculous. Thanks to my busy schedule of writing and going to the gym and everything I can only volunteer once a week now, but I still get to see some pretty cool stuff from time to time. This is a post about some of those cool things.
Specifically THESE cool things

Look how freaking aweosme they are

Like what the fuck
 That's right folks; a few weeks ago we had someone donate a whole cavalcade of dragon figures. Some of these were pretty big and as a result were pretty expensive. A little too expensive for me to get in on the fun. Most of the ones in the glass cabinet sold on the day I was in and saw them. There were five or six sold for a total of £70 (about $110). They were supposed to be £90 but the assistant manager can be a bit...well I don't want to finish that sentence in case he reads it. Suffice to say I was taught to never lower the price but he does, as does the actual manager, for customers they like. Then when someone asks me for a reduction and I refuse I get light levels of abuse. Yayyyyyy. Though this time the manager shared some of my displeasure.

Unfortunately all the figures are gone now. I'm not sure if they all sold but I'd like to believe they were. Given how expensive they were I believe these would be sent to another shop if they didn't sell, rather than outright thrown out. I'd be pretty damn pissed if these guys were just thrown out. The dragon statuette I do have actually also came from the store. I can't remember exactly if I got it for free or just seriously reduced because of some damage. I've seen some weird shit at that store, and will inevitably post about that, but for now enjoy some of the coolest things I've seen there.

What's your all time favourite mythological creature? For me it's actually Phoenixes because dragons are totally real. Dragons would be my all time favourite real creature. 


  1. For some reason I expected a picture of a dragon dildo to show up in this. Would've been hilarious.
    Those are some neat-o figures though. I own one of a sea hawk (murica!) and though it's not as grand as those pictured it's still really well-crafted and hella cool.

    1. Now I'm tempted to do a post about dragon dildos. I have so little respect as it is. That website is just weird man. We get lots of cool figures of other animals. This was the first time I've seen a dragon but right now there are some cool robins and things in there.

  2. I like mermaids. Neat to volunteer in a charity shop.

    1. You see a lot of cool and interesting things. I think I enjoy that more than any feelings of "Yay I'm such a good person for giving my time away like this." Mermaids are pretty cool too. I'm not sure which version I prefer; the fairy tale Disney version or the "real" version.

  3. dude, dragons are amazing...what a find...they are surely my fav mythical creature....though minotaurs and centaurs are right up there too...i would love
    to have seen a real dragon though....

  4. Favourite mythical creature? Oh, unicorns for sure. Especially if all sparkly and rainbowy, LOL!


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