Monday, 2 February 2015


For those of you that don't know, "creepypasta" is a take on the word "copypasta", which is essentially a story (or just a wall of text) that is copied and pasted a lot on websites. Creepypastas are stories that are particularly creepy in nature. They deal with things like urban legends and things like that. There are some really amazingly well written ones that I really enjoy, and of course some shit. You guys have told me a lot that I should do readings of things. While I'm still trying to break in to that professionally for now I thought there was no harm in me doing some readings of other things for fun. One of the things I decided to do a reading of was an aforementioned creepypasta known as "The Devil Game", which outlines a way to summon and confer with Satan. I did the reading at two am, in the dark, to sort of add to the effect. An effect that was ruined when my cat decided to join the fun. Anyway, for your listening pleasure, here's a video of me reading a spoopy story. 

P.S let me know how the audio quality is. It's unedited so it won't be too great, but I am using my new headset which I think sounds better than the old one.



    So... what if the effect wasn't ruined? What if you summoned the devil, and the devil is just your cat? I would buy that.

    P.S. Audio quality sounded good over here.

  2. The best sound quality you got, was your video on the reading of "Tulips." However you recorded that video, you should do them all like that. You did a good job with the reading. You have a very cute and affectionate cat.

  3. This had a good creepy feel. Kinda like Blair Witch Project!


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