Friday, 30 January 2015

Well So Much For That

So yesterday I wrote a pretty nice post about how I hoped that I would manage to have a pretty decent day seeing an old friend, and that some things could hopefully be forgotten if only for a short time. So much for that, as the name implies. She sent me a message yesterday saying that she wouldn't get to see me actually and instead of me walking down to the train station to meet her, her brother is going to instead.
I ain't mad or anything, just a little let down. I mean, it's her brother and he comes first, and I should still get to see her tomorrow so I guess there's that. At least I don't have to wake up early now eh? I did manage to have a somewhat decent day yesterday. I hit the gym and thankfully my phone wasn't stolen after I accidentally left it on a machine before going in to the shower, where it stayed for a good fifteen to twenty minutes.
This blog needs more cats
After that my boss actually took me on a short trip to get something to eat and we went to a noodle bar. It was the first time I'd been to a proper one. I tried to use chopsticks for a good five seconds before I gave up. They interest me but I still have no clue how to work them. Ah well. At least the noodles were really nice. Unfortunately they didn't have the kind of chicken my boss really liked but I think he was happy with what he got. Well anyway, if you need me I'll be over here trying to stave off insanity and loneliness.


  1. Oh, shit! I know how much this reunion meant to you, that must be a huge downer. This is exactly the reason I am trying to put the most energy into improving myself. People leave ya, but you're stuck with yourself forever... or at least a very long time. I think going to the noodle bar sounded like fun though.

  2. Too bad we don't live in the same city -- I could teach you how to use chopsticks in about 2 seconds. I have a foolproof learning method. It still takes some practice after that, though, and noodles are tricky because they're so slippery. But still.

  3. Yeah it sucks when these things happen

  4. glad you had some noodles anyway, too bad you couldn't meet up. hate when these things happen.

  5. Mark I am so so sorry to hear this. Well you at least have your blogging family!!


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