Thursday, 29 January 2015

Meeting Old Friends

Despite the terrifically shit year I've been having so far there was one piece of good news that came my way recently. A friend told me that after moving away a few years ago she's coming back to town for the weekend and she wants to spend some time together on Saturday night. I'll also be meeting her tomorrow morning because the train station is just down the road from me.
To be honest I actually didn't get to say goodbye to her either. She just left and the last time she saw me I had my headphones in so I didn't hear her calling out to me. For whatever reason she didn't come up and tap me on the shoulder. I think she was with her friends at the time and didn't realise it would be the last time she saw me for so long. It'll be nice to meet up with her again. Especially because I never did get that chance to say goodbye properly. One of the few things I take away from Jessica leaving is that we got to spend we spend some time together one more time.
She herself was actually back in England last week but she was down in London with her girlfriend's family, so even if I could have gotten there she wouldn't have been able to spend time with me. She is set to come back to this area over the summer though and that would be great. For now though I get to spend some time with an old friend, with the promise of another further down the line. January started shit, stayed shit, but hopefully will end with "not bad".

When was the last time you reconnected with an old friend? 


  1. Tough to meet up with current friends much less old ones! Glad for u.

  2. Oh, that's lovely! Have a wonderful time together!

  3. it is always cool to catch up with old friends...
    sucks you did not say goodbye, but its got to feel good
    that she remembered you and wants to see you again...

  4. I last met with an old friend on January 10th. It was a great chance to reconnect (we don't see each other often). I've known the guy since about 1965 (yeah, huh?). Normally, the first thing we say after "Hello" is "Jesus, you're getting old!"
    Well, yeah. We actually are.
    NOTE: Neither one of us is called "Jesus." Even though that's probably obvious, felt I should mention it.

  5. Depending on what constitutes as "an old friend", it's either been last weekend or almost a year ago for me. I generally keep in touch with my peeps frequently enough for this not to happen very often, haha.

  6. Ahh, that should help lift your spirits a bit....


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