Thursday, 15 January 2015

I Didn't Get Weighed

I was supposed to get weighed on Tuesday but I woke up so out of it and ill that I actually had to call the doctor and say I was too sick to go in. Yes, that's true. I actually called a doctor and said "Hey, I'm actually too ill to come in." My brother was using the car and I didn't have the power to get up and walk, so that was that.
I've actually been sneezing all week. Bah.
I had the appointment rearranged for next Tuesday and to be honest I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I overindulged like mad over the holidays. I went to two parties and had a lot more food than I intended to. Probably more than any one person should. I went to the gym last week and weighed myself while I was there and saw I put on weight. I don't think I can really undo all that damage in a week but I suppose I can try and mitigate the damage as much as I can at least.
Time for some intense workouts
I guess we'll see the damage next Tuesday. To be honest part of me feels I need to gain weight. I need a shock to the system because I've become so lazy. I need to get back to my weight loss roots and stick to what worked even if it was kind of annoying to keep track of everything I was eating. It also made me accountable and stopped me from trying to trick myself in to believing I'm eating less junk than I am.


  1. The holidays are definitely a minefield for weight loss. The best thing is to realize that losing weight shouldn't be a "one and done proposition" (kind of a clunky analogy, but it works). Rather, it's a lifestyle change. Sure, you eventually have to put the brakes on so you don't lose so much weight that a popsicle stick looks fat next to you. Exercise and a reasonable diet (as opposed to a faddish quick weight loss scheme) will do the trick. But, you've heard this all before.
    My point? Don't sweat picking up some weight over the holidays. Happens to the best of us.

  2. the holidays are def a hard time not to overindulge....dont let yourself slip too much....shake it off...get up and get have come too far to have to start climbing that hill all over again....

  3. It's just a little bump in the road, if that's all you let it be!

  4. good luck Adam, don't give up, it's tough though. I love food myself. keep really busy, that helps.

  5. Sorry for calling you Adam, Mark, I had just left Adam's blog! Apologies...


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