Monday, 5 January 2015

Friendship Week: Part 1

Don't let that title put you off. A friend of mine is having some negative feelings about her artwork and writing skills and I thought that I'd do something nice for her and post her work here so hopefully you guys will have something nice to say about it so I can be all "Hey these people really like your work too." I have her permission to do this so don't worry about that either. Because this is the day our resident indy writers tend to stop buy I thought this would be the ideal time to post the first part of the first chapter of a story she wrote. Not a lot of it is typed up because she hates typing (and I wrote this while she dictated) but she has written over a notebooks worth of it so far. Anyway, this is long so I'll shut up now.
BRIIIINGGG! Jess got up and slung her backpack over her shoulder, and made her way towards her next class.”Damn it!” she cursed, as her backpack bounced against her already-sore wings.Yes, wings, you read it right. You see, Jess isn’t your ordinary teenager. Actually, neither were any of her classmates or teachers. Jess is what you would call a Hybrid. To her, regularly seeing people with tails, wings, feathers, and fur was an everyday occurrence. She had never seen live human before, according to her science textbook, humans had gone extinct about one thousand years ago. She had seen photos and videos of them, and had realized that they acted a lot like her friends and herself. “Makes sense,” she had thought when she saw the exhibit at the museum.  “After all, we are human-animal Hybrids.” For some reason, the Hybrids were the only humanoid creatures to survive what was known as “The End”. No one discovered who created the first of us, or what happened to the humans, When the first of us worked their way out of the underground base they had been in, all they saw was, well, actually, almost everything. Well, everything except humans. It seemed like they had just disappeared; things were left half done. Sentences left half written on papers, showers and faucets running, and meals half-eaten.

The original Hybrids had been kept in an underground facility, run by the humans. Every day they were fed, and lead to a room for a series of tests and lessons. They were the first and last of the Hybrids to see humans in the flesh. After they gave up hope of ever finding the humans, or their creators, they picked up civilization where it had been left off. Thanks to their human half, most of the human inventions worked just as well for the Hybrids as they did for the humans. Unlike the humans, they had little need for cars; Most of the Hybrids could either fly, or run quickly for long distances, so cars had become almost unnecessary. Only the disabled, elderly, and ones who were more human than animal still used cars. There was one problem though, and that was clothes. Slowly but surely, they taught themselves to sew, and were able to alter the first needed clothes. Once the factories were figured out then clothes with alterations allowing for hooves, paws, wings, tails, horns, and other features not normally found on humans, came pouring out, supplying all with the clothes they needed. Teachers were found, schools opened,and civilization continued. With that, the reign of the humans ended, and the reign of the Hybrids began.

Back to our friend Jess, and her exciting and interesting day at school.

“Hey!”said Jess.

“Hey, what’s up?” replied her friend Natalie. They were on their way to their next class, gym. “Well, my wings are sore, I’m so NOT looking forward to gym. After the beating they took the other day in that crash, I’m surprised they still work.” She replied, wincing at the memory of her spectacular crash landing after trying to pull off a reverse spinning loop-dee-loop.

 “Yeah, that was pretty bad, I heard the crash all the way from the track. My legs are pretty sore from jumping all those hurdles. Don’t know why I didn’t choose yoga…” said Natalie.

“Well, I can think of three reasons right now. One, you aren’t flexible, two, you are an amazing runner, and three, you’re half horse! You were born to run and jump!” replied Jess, with a hint of a mocking tone.

“Yeah, I always forget about that last part…” Natalie said, sighing.

“What, do you think you’re a human or something?” teased Jess.

“Aww, come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t once thought about what it would be like to be a human? To not have wings, hooves, or horns?” Asked Natalie.

“You mean to think about being weaker? Slower? Or unable to fly? There’s a reason the humans went extinct, they were soft fleshy creatures, with no way to defend themselves! They had no scales or horns to protect them, no talons or fangs to defend themselves, and no fur or feathers to keep warm! My pet cat has a better chance of surviving in the wilderness than the humans did!” exclaimed Jess, not believing for a second that it could ever be better to be a human rather than a hybrid.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t think about it like that.” replied Natalie, looking crestfallen. After just a second she perked back up, “What about all their amazing inventions? Everything we have the humans made! Even if we created it, it wouldn’t have been possible without their past innovations! Without the humans, we wouldn’t even exist!"

And that is actually all that is typed up so far. I need to get her to get back on to that. Then again given how often I fall off the writing wagon I'm not really one to tell others to get back on that particular horse.

P,S yes there is going to be a character based on me in this story. I think I'm a crow hybrid or something.


  1. Hey, girlie, keep on writing! This was engaging and fun to read. You have a breezy style.

  2. Humans extinct? That sounds about right. What Deb said. It's a fun writing style. Very easy to read. Nice flow. Keep it up!

  3. Very creative, interesting and imaginative work!

  4. I enjoyed this one of the best things I have read this morning

  5. It's definitely creative and I can already see some interesting themes popping up :)

  6. This is an outstanding idea. The fact the hybrids don't know where they came from, I thought was really intriguing. I'm fascinated... hey, and if Mark likes your work, that is a very good endorsement to get for sure.


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