Friday, 12 December 2014

Well That Was New

So I went to my first Christmas meal on Wednesday. By first Christmas meal I mean my first with, say, an employer. I've had Christmas dinner before. Well anyway, I said before that I was invited by the boss of the charity shop I volunteer at to go to the Christmas meal and I accepted.
Free food yo. 
I had a few ideas of what it would be like in my head. I even warned a friend I might be a bit drunk by the end of the night. That was kind of a silly thing to do because it turns out there were no free drinks supplied. My boss was nice enough to buy me a drink of cola and part way through they did give us water. So I never ended up drinking any alcohol. The food was really good. It was a full three course meal and the turkey in the main meal was wrapped in bacon. So. Much. Bacon. It was glorious.
I'm hungry now
To be honest there weren't many experiences to discuss. I had a bit of a conversation with my bosses but I was on a bit of a quiet table for the most part. I had some laughs but nothing major to report. The place was really nice though. Way too many mirrors though. The stall in the men's bathroom had mirrors on the door (on the outside) so when I went in I had no idea it was there and then I hear some kid talking and realise that there's a stall there. I didn't even notice it because it was just a huge mirror. So as much as I'd like to say something great happened it ended up being fairly uneventful.

Do you have any eventful stories from a Christmas meal? Either family related or business related. Even my family Christmas meals aren't too eventful. 


  1. Your meal looks delicious! Thanks for sharing your event!

  2. "I even warned a friend I might be a bit drunk by the end of the night."
    Drinking with coworkers and other business acquaintances is fine, but avoid having more than a drink or two. Opportunities may arise and you don't want lackluster conversational skills or decision making (or throwing up) to get in the way of that! ;D

  3. If your family holiday meals aren't eventful consider that a blessing! Some families get into some pretty intense fist-to-cuffs at holiday dinners. Mmmmmm, bacon.

  4. Bacon I now want bacon who doesn't like bacon, maybe Peppa Pig do pigs eat bacon would that make them cannibals

  5. Just as well there was no booze there. While eventually drunken antics can be funny, not so much at the time.


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