Monday, 15 December 2014

This Is Not Just A Post

Well that's a very misleading title seeing as this just a post. What else could it possibly be? The reason the title is like that though is because of the nature of this post and that title is a play off of what this post is about. In case you haven't heard yet our fellow blogging extraoadanaire Al Penwasser has published a book available now on CreateSpace (and by extension Amazon).
Check out that fabulous cover.
It details the various adventures that Al/Kenneth/Blogger X had during the first nine months of his career in the navy. Who wouldn't want to hear some of the fun true stories of a man's time in the navy? I wonder if it's as gay as the Village People make it. I guess you'll have to read the book to find out. Or just ask him because he'd probably tell you. Apparently there IS a story of a marine who couldn't keep his erection in his pants.

Penwasser Place, the blog Al runs, is always entertaining and Al/Kenneth knows how to tell a great story. I'd say the stories in the book are great but to be honest I'm poor as fuck so I haven't bought a copy yet. I can't even spare five bucks. So, yeah, I'm just guessing they are because of how good Al is at telling stories.

So if you're interested in a true story and what it's like starting out in the navy and seeing the world then check out It's Not Just A Job by Kenneth Lynch.

No, we're not sure what it actually is if it's not just a job. 


  1. Sounds interesting. Haven't heard of create space before

  2. Things I know you can do in the navy: sail the seven seas. And put your mind at ease. After that I completely forget the song.

    No, it looks like an awesome book, and Al is a very funny guy.

  3. Well, now I'm beyond blushing.
    And not just because of that guy with the erection.
    I hesitated to tell that story, but I had to be "true to my craft."
    NOTE: Pretentious Creative Artist Disclaimer.
    NOTE: Referring to oneself as a "Creative Artist" is a tad pretentious. Those responsible should be sacked.
    NOTE: Referring to oneself as 'oneself' is wildly pretentious. And snooty.
    NOTE: I am sacking myself.
    NOTE: 'Sack' is what you think it means. In this case.
    The next book won't have any likewise spectacles. Although I DO fall asleep in a pillowcase.

  4. Incidentally, if it wasn't for Mark, I would have had no idea what Create Space was all about. And, thus, wouldn't have inflicted my books upon an unsuspecting world.
    So now you know who to blame.

  5. It's always great to hear of fellow bloggers moving on to bigger and better things. Not that blogging isn't big and good... well, i'm sure everyone knows what I mean.


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