Friday, 19 December 2014

I Survived

Well I said I'd write about my driving lesson assuming I survived and now I'm writing this after that lesson, which means that yes, I survived. Go me. I'm awesome. But yeah the driving lesson was a little over an hour long. It was going to be 90 minutes but we had to cut it down a little because he had to call the English version of the DMV to verify that my license was real.
Thankfully it wasn't like this and only took a few minutes
There was also another issue when I had to run back in to my house to take my coat off. Unfortunately there was cat hair on it and he asked me if I could take it off so I don't get cat hair in his car. That was understandable. Especially because as an instructor he might teach someone with a cat allergy and he says sometimes people try and charge him for dry cleaning if their clothes get dirtied in his car. 
I have a new king
The lesson itself was pretty smooth. I didn't make too many, if any, fuck ups. I also wasn't pipped at by some road raging idiots. I didn't hit anything either. I have a few issues but I'm just starting out again and we can work on that. One problem I have is clutch control. If you've ever driven a car you don't realise how difficult it can be to use the clutch properly. I was also worried about things too much. I was worried about the cars around me and making mistakes and the main thing I need to take away from the lesson is to remain calm. 

Of course next week is Christmas so my next lesson is two weeks away. 

Do you have any memories of driving lessons?


  1. You are learning to drive on a standard vs automatic vehicle? Adds to the challenge. In North America, most people learn on automatic, very little standard with clutch here.

  2. I learned on an automatic because it was far easier. Since it was in the early 70s, though, there were still a lot of standard transmission cars around. I didn't learn how to drive a "stick" until I bought Mrs. Penwasser #1 a car with a clutch. I had no idea how to drive it so she had to teach me. This may or may not have contributed to our divorce.
    EPILOGUE: There are very few of these kind of cars around nowadays. My son's first car had a clutch, so he obviously knows how to drive one. The car he owns now is an automatic. My daughter, on the other hand, doesn't know how to drive one. But, that's not so big a deal because, like I said, there's not many of them around anymore.

  3. Yes, I remember my driving instructor was a huge douchebag. Are you saying your driving instructor was a douchebag or the people that try to charge him for drycleaning? Or both? Driving would be so much easier for you if you drove an automatic transmission car. I don't know how to drive a stick and probably would have a rough time with it though I have been driving for years.

  4. I learnt to drive in an automatic but also has some lessons in a manual and when we had to get a manual because it was all we could afford it didn't take me long to get used to it, however, I was never any good at hill starts and would avoid hills


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