Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Week

This week is going to be Christmas Week here at The Rambling Person. It's going to be Christmas this week and I have a couple of posts planned. Because the Thursday post will be just a simple "Merry Christmas" because I doubt anyone will be reading I'll actually just jump ahead and make a real post now. I'm just that nice to you.

This is the first year in a while that I've actually got a Christmas tree in the house. Normally we don't decorate here because it's just me, my dad, and my brother. Plus we're all lazy. Well not really but there's not much point in decorating when there's no one to really enjoy it. This year though my nieces convinced my dad to buy a tree and they decorated it themselves. I'd love to show you a picture of it but I can't take one. Unfortunately as pretty as the tree is the room it's in has been taken over as an impromptu storage area. I do however still have a picture of a Christmas tree for you.

That little tree is sat in my room. It's actually a real tree too and needs to be fed which means it'll be dead in a few weeks. I love plants, I really do, but for some reason I can't keep plants and they always die on me. Why does everything I love die? Seriously though it's a really nice little tree. It actually sparkles a little too but you can't really see that. So not only do we have a tree this year, we actually have two.

That's pretty neat.

Plus hey smaller versions of things are cute.

Did you get much decorating done?


  1. Set a repeating alarm on your phone to remind you to water it once every three days. Nothing your love for the thing can't overcome!
    That's a cute-ass tree yo.

  2. I'm with Fang. That tree is hella cute. (It's not awkward if you say it like a gangsta)

    I've never seen a mini potted tree. I kinda want one. Though it's gonna be awkward when it gets too big and I have to kill it... since I do actually have a green thumb. I guess what I'm saying is unless you drop this bad boy into your backyard (which I don't have) there really is no happy ending for that poor little guy.

  3. That tree's got swag, mofo! (yes, that's my pathetic attempt at sounding gangsta) I'd throw down a couple of signs but I don't know any.

  4. The little tree reminds me of the one from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

  5. your little tree is adorable Mark! I always decorate with the thought that I will eventually have to take things down! So just enough is what I do!

  6. My house isn't as decorated this year as it usually is but still has a nice Christmas feel to it


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