Friday, 26 December 2014

A Time I Met Santa

Okay so Christmas has technically passed but Christmas week continues here as there was another Christmas themed post I wanted to make. I was walking around the town centre last week enjoying my depression when something caught my eye. Normally the town centre gets decorated for Christmas and it looks lovely. This year I saw something else too. The title kind of gave it away but I met Santa Claus. 
Look at how happy I look
I knew I had to get my picture taken. He was there raising money for charity so I dropped a few coins in the bucket and asked if I could have my picture taken. I surprised even myself doing that. I'm the kind of person who would think to do something like that but then not actually do it. This year on holiday I met a guy who looks just like David Tenant but couldn't muster up the courage to ask him for a photo. This time though there was nothing to stop me from getting that picture. It put a real, genuine smile on my face and put me in the best mood I'd been in for a while.

You're never too old to meet Santa. Though you can be too late. Doubt you'd see many around now Christmas has passed. 


  1. Now that's some holiday spirit alright.

    1. I put "<joke about consumerism being a charity>" behind there, but since I didn't escape my tags, blogger ate it.

  2. Did you get my email regarding the editing work I have for you? If I don't hear back by the end of the week, I'll just assume you're not interested in editing anymore. Happy holidays.

  3. You could have tried asking Santa for an autographed pic of David Tennant. Anywho, that's a very nice Christmas tale nonetheless.

  4. Aww Mark, so glad you did this! And you look nice in your picture.

  5. You do look very happy there. I'm happy for you :)


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