Monday, 29 December 2014

Dat Haul

Well Christmas was last week, as a lot of you are aware. So this is just a thing about the presents I got. This is the stuff outside of the usual things a man my age gets; deodorant/shower gift sets and socks. My feet are going to be warm for a while. It's a shame the rest of me is cold. Anyway, let's take a look.

The one of the left, Applejack, is from my boss. We were working and they were selling very large plushes at a store near ours, but they were too expensive. I lamented that Applejack was the only one I didn't have a plush of so I was very happy and surprised when I opened the present he got me. She's small but she also means I have a complete set of plushies. He also got me the small figure between the two plushies you can't really see properly.
This poster is close to the size of my radiator and comes from my now favourite niece. I know I shouldn't play favourites but hey, if you get me a giant poster I'm probably going to favour you. Unfortunately it's actually a little too big and it keeps coming off the blu-tac I'm using to hold it up.

I also got a DVD that has a few episodes and some other things too. The new phone I have counted as a Christmas present from my dad and he also picked me up a cheap game and gave me a £10 gift card he got when he bought his new washing machine. The store is running a promotion where if you spend £50/£100 you get a £5/10 gift card. My mum also gave me some money to pick up something for myself. It's been a while since I bought something for myself to be honest. So let's see what I can get with that. It's most likely going to be a game but I'm not sure which one to pick because there are a few I've wanted for a while.

What did you get for Christmas, if anything? 

Friday, 26 December 2014

A Time I Met Santa

Okay so Christmas has technically passed but Christmas week continues here as there was another Christmas themed post I wanted to make. I was walking around the town centre last week enjoying my depression when something caught my eye. Normally the town centre gets decorated for Christmas and it looks lovely. This year I saw something else too. The title kind of gave it away but I met Santa Claus. 
Look at how happy I look
I knew I had to get my picture taken. He was there raising money for charity so I dropped a few coins in the bucket and asked if I could have my picture taken. I surprised even myself doing that. I'm the kind of person who would think to do something like that but then not actually do it. This year on holiday I met a guy who looks just like David Tenant but couldn't muster up the courage to ask him for a photo. This time though there was nothing to stop me from getting that picture. It put a real, genuine smile on my face and put me in the best mood I'd been in for a while.

You're never too old to meet Santa. Though you can be too late. Doubt you'd see many around now Christmas has passed. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

If you happen to read this somehow then have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope you get something nice.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Week

This week is going to be Christmas Week here at The Rambling Person. It's going to be Christmas this week and I have a couple of posts planned. Because the Thursday post will be just a simple "Merry Christmas" because I doubt anyone will be reading I'll actually just jump ahead and make a real post now. I'm just that nice to you.

This is the first year in a while that I've actually got a Christmas tree in the house. Normally we don't decorate here because it's just me, my dad, and my brother. Plus we're all lazy. Well not really but there's not much point in decorating when there's no one to really enjoy it. This year though my nieces convinced my dad to buy a tree and they decorated it themselves. I'd love to show you a picture of it but I can't take one. Unfortunately as pretty as the tree is the room it's in has been taken over as an impromptu storage area. I do however still have a picture of a Christmas tree for you.

That little tree is sat in my room. It's actually a real tree too and needs to be fed which means it'll be dead in a few weeks. I love plants, I really do, but for some reason I can't keep plants and they always die on me. Why does everything I love die? Seriously though it's a really nice little tree. It actually sparkles a little too but you can't really see that. So not only do we have a tree this year, we actually have two.

That's pretty neat.

Plus hey smaller versions of things are cute.

Did you get much decorating done?

Friday, 19 December 2014

I Survived

Well I said I'd write about my driving lesson assuming I survived and now I'm writing this after that lesson, which means that yes, I survived. Go me. I'm awesome. But yeah the driving lesson was a little over an hour long. It was going to be 90 minutes but we had to cut it down a little because he had to call the English version of the DMV to verify that my license was real.
Thankfully it wasn't like this and only took a few minutes
There was also another issue when I had to run back in to my house to take my coat off. Unfortunately there was cat hair on it and he asked me if I could take it off so I don't get cat hair in his car. That was understandable. Especially because as an instructor he might teach someone with a cat allergy and he says sometimes people try and charge him for dry cleaning if their clothes get dirtied in his car. 
I have a new king
The lesson itself was pretty smooth. I didn't make too many, if any, fuck ups. I also wasn't pipped at by some road raging idiots. I didn't hit anything either. I have a few issues but I'm just starting out again and we can work on that. One problem I have is clutch control. If you've ever driven a car you don't realise how difficult it can be to use the clutch properly. I was also worried about things too much. I was worried about the cars around me and making mistakes and the main thing I need to take away from the lesson is to remain calm. 

Of course next week is Christmas so my next lesson is two weeks away. 

Do you have any memories of driving lessons?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Back Behind The Wheel

You might remember last year I had driving lessons. It was either last year or the year before. I'm not sure to be honest. But yeah I had about four or five driving lessons before I unfortunately had to stop. My instructor had health problems and ultimately had brain surgery and that put an end to his driving instructor days. Or he just never contacted me again.
I never quite saw something like this though
Last year I also tried to get my hands on a motorbike license and failed. Miserably. I had no biking experience and couldn't stay on the bike properly. They say you never forget how to ride a bike but they lie! Well I could ride it and stay on it, just not properly. Maybe I always had bad balance?
I could never do something like that
Now I'm going to go back behind the wheel again properly because in my search for a real job, I've decided I should get my driving license at last, at last, again. My dad and I set up some driving lessons and my first one is actually today. It's been so long since I drove I'm going to be starting up pretty much from the very beginning again. I wasn't too bad last time though and was driving around the town centre by the time I had to finish.

If I survive I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow! 

Monday, 15 December 2014

This Is Not Just A Post

Well that's a very misleading title seeing as this just a post. What else could it possibly be? The reason the title is like that though is because of the nature of this post and that title is a play off of what this post is about. In case you haven't heard yet our fellow blogging extraoadanaire Al Penwasser has published a book available now on CreateSpace (and by extension Amazon).
Check out that fabulous cover.
It details the various adventures that Al/Kenneth/Blogger X had during the first nine months of his career in the navy. Who wouldn't want to hear some of the fun true stories of a man's time in the navy? I wonder if it's as gay as the Village People make it. I guess you'll have to read the book to find out. Or just ask him because he'd probably tell you. Apparently there IS a story of a marine who couldn't keep his erection in his pants.

Penwasser Place, the blog Al runs, is always entertaining and Al/Kenneth knows how to tell a great story. I'd say the stories in the book are great but to be honest I'm poor as fuck so I haven't bought a copy yet. I can't even spare five bucks. So, yeah, I'm just guessing they are because of how good Al is at telling stories.

So if you're interested in a true story and what it's like starting out in the navy and seeing the world then check out It's Not Just A Job by Kenneth Lynch.

No, we're not sure what it actually is if it's not just a job. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Well That Was New

So I went to my first Christmas meal on Wednesday. By first Christmas meal I mean my first with, say, an employer. I've had Christmas dinner before. Well anyway, I said before that I was invited by the boss of the charity shop I volunteer at to go to the Christmas meal and I accepted.
Free food yo. 
I had a few ideas of what it would be like in my head. I even warned a friend I might be a bit drunk by the end of the night. That was kind of a silly thing to do because it turns out there were no free drinks supplied. My boss was nice enough to buy me a drink of cola and part way through they did give us water. So I never ended up drinking any alcohol. The food was really good. It was a full three course meal and the turkey in the main meal was wrapped in bacon. So. Much. Bacon. It was glorious.
I'm hungry now
To be honest there weren't many experiences to discuss. I had a bit of a conversation with my bosses but I was on a bit of a quiet table for the most part. I had some laughs but nothing major to report. The place was really nice though. Way too many mirrors though. The stall in the men's bathroom had mirrors on the door (on the outside) so when I went in I had no idea it was there and then I hear some kid talking and realise that there's a stall there. I didn't even notice it because it was just a huge mirror. So as much as I'd like to say something great happened it ended up being fairly uneventful.

Do you have any eventful stories from a Christmas meal? Either family related or business related. Even my family Christmas meals aren't too eventful. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Another Few Pounds Lost

One thing that happened to me in these busy past few days is that on Tuesday I was weighed. Remember I was weighed deliberately on that day (although it was actually the day I would have been weighed anyway) because I had an "office" Christmas meal yesterday. I'll post about that some other time. Back to the weight thing though.
Yay for scales
I kind of already gave away how I did in the title to this post. To be honest I was almost expecting a gain. I'm starting to feel pretty fat and demotivated. I've also been stressed which has lead to me eating more. Despite all that I still lost three pounds though. Which is good. I guess. Any loss is a good loss. I just have real trouble seeing things like that. I'm not in a good place folks.

I hope the next five weeks goes better. I still managed to lose weight over the last Christmas period so I have every chance of doing it again this time. Christmas is no reason to not lose weight. It's essentially a cheat day which doesn't have much of an effect on total weight loss. It might extend into another day or two but it won't really damage your attempts much. Keep that in mind if you're trying to lose weight over Christmas; it's entirely possible.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Less Time Means Less Happiness

I was doing things I generally do in life; mostly these days it's trying to not drink myself to death. I have to keep reminding myself that I can't afford booze. That's when I really thought about what my problem is right now. There's no real order or balance in my life.
I'm the kind of person that really benefits from plans and organisation. I have a hard time committing to things if I've not planned to do them. Like I have a hard time writing because I've found time. Back when I was doing my therapy the main thing she told me was to plan my days. For a while I did and I was able to stick to the plans and get things done. I tried to plan my life more and it worked well, and then my life became unplannable.
I have no idea what I'll have to write each day, and I don't know how long it will take me. So I can't really write or plan around my work. There's also no telling how much my work will take out of me. Some days I end with lots of creativity and energy left in me and some days I want to just stab something. I've been really stressed and depressed lately. To be honest I'm considering asking my doctor if I can have low level antidepressants without being in therapy. I just don't have the drive and motivation and right now I'm not in a position to get it back.

Right now I just keep sighing and thinking things won't get better rather than taking steps to make them a little better. I have some plans but will I go through with them? Hell if I know. What's worse is right now I feel like I'm the one to blame for my problems so I won't really complain about them because I'm not really doing anything about them. I just needed to get this out and I'll probably shut up about it now.

Is your life organised at all? Do you at least have some kind of weekly schedule? 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Walking Dad

I have yet to see an episode of The Walking Dead but one particular part has become infamous online because it became a meme where people create dad jokes. Dad jokes are the most beautiful type of joke there is. I'm almost looking forward to being a dad because I'll get to say a lot of dad jokes. I still make them of course. So here are some of the best Walking Dad pictures

It took me a minute to get this one

Alright that's enough for now.

What are some of your favourite dad jokes? Don't pretend to not love them. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

There Are No Breaks On The King Jong Krazy Train

Reputed dictator and glorious leader of North Korea (I don't want him launching a nuke at me so I'm playing nice) has come up with a brand new ruling of krazy (I'm hoping he can't spell properly) and decided that no more should any man, woman or child born in North Korea share his name. This comes not long after he decided that a great deal of men should have his hair cut. So he's clearly sending mixed messages to his adoring public here.
Who wouldn't want that glorious hair?
Now I'm sure he has his reasons for this latest bout of insanity. I mean, brilliance. It's genius. Apparently his dad and grandfather issued similar orders in their times. I just hope that somewhere out there exists a Kim Jung Deux and a Kim Jung Trois. But this does pose an interesting question;

What would you do if you were a dictator?

"Obama Dictator" was a suggested search I had to check out. People be cray cray.
I have to admit I would probably do the naming thing. My name is stupidly common and I hate the idea of other people also being called Mark. So from this day forth I shall be the only person called Mark. Sorry Fang. You are now Fang. It's more badass anyway I'm doing you a favour. Outside of that I would just stay in my mansion for a while and live off of doing no real work. Being a dictator sounds like an easy and cushy job. My actual economic plans would take a while to go in to but essentially I'm all for public services.

You're given complete control of a country. What do you do? 

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Cereal Bar

You know something? Cereal bars are awesome. Like, really awesome. It's breakfast in bar form. How can you go wrong with that? I always wondered how they made them though. I wonder about a lot of stupid stuff I shouldn't really. Or stuff that would be easy to Google. 
God damn that thing looks delicious
But I'm not actually here today to talk about A cereal bar. I'm here to talk about THE Cereal Bar. That's right folks some people decided to get together and they created what they call the Cereal Bar. It's a restaurant that sells, you guessed it, cereal. It's a restaurant dedicated to selling cereal exclusively. 
Now I'm all for start ups and people going in to business for themselves. I actually wish them nothing but luck. But I feel they're probably going to need it and that this has the feel of two guys getting really high and deciding this would be a great idea. I imagine it went like this ""Dude...dude...duuuuuudeeeee...what if, like, dude, hear me out here man, dude, what if like, we just open a cereal bar? Like, it can be, dude, a literal cereal bar man. It's a bar, but all we sell dude, all we sell, get this dude, is cereal. Like, whoaaa man. Whoaaa. This is some good shit." Then they spent five minutes laughing over the name Cereal Bar. 

I can see this having some initial success as undoubtedly hipsters will be interested and people will go for the novelty but I'm not sure how they can last in terms of long term success. Still, again, best of luck to them. Maybe they'll end up millionaires. 

How do you feel about a literal "Cereal Bar"? Do they have any chance of long term success? P.S apologies to Fang for the stereotypical view of stoners. 


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