Friday, 28 November 2014

It's All Ogre Now

This post actually has nothing to do with ogres. I just really enjoy that pun. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Anyway, the world may actually be on the verge of ending. Forget the Mayans, forget super volcanoes, it's going to be Microsoft that kills us all. That's funny because I always thought it would be Google or Wal-Mart. So what have Microsoft done? They made Daleks.
So far these Daleks don't have ray guns yet but it's not going to be long. They're robotic security guards that Microsoft have patrolling a compound in Silicon Valley. I found out recently that Silicon Valley is an actual place. I thought it was just a nickname for the place where a bunch of tech was developed. All the tech there might have influenced the name but that is it's genuine name. Anyway, back to the Daleks.
Even if you aren't a Doctor Who fan you've probably heard of the Daleks as they've invaded as much popular culture as they have planets. We're all screwed now because the Daleks are coming and they'll kill us all. Security guards? I wouldn't trust them to secure me. Only to kill me.

Okay but on a bit of a serious note it's a bit sad that a job that can be done very well by a human is being done by a robot. Give it time and all jobs will be done by robots. Hopefully when that time comes everything is free because it costs nothing to produce but I doubt it.

So just how screwed are we? 


  1. Oh dear, now every time a holiday is over, I think of "it's all ogre now". (We just had our Thanksgiving.)
    Now you do know that Silicon Valley IS just a nickname, right? Of course it is an actual place in California, but it was called that because of all the tech companies located there.
    I am never sure when you are just kidding, so you will have to forgive me if you were!

    1. I wondered if the name came first or the development of tech. I just always assumed it was a nickname without knowing it was also the actual name. The whole place is just very confusing. They can't build a machine to accurately explain it to me.

  2. Actually I was thinking a perfect solution to all this racial tension and police issues would be to have the streets patrolled by Robo-Cops. Looks like that is soon coming as well.

  3. am really not comfortable with machines.


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