Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Little, But Something

So I was weighed last Tuesday. When I was getting weighed was a bit up in the air. I mentioned last time I got weighed that for some reason my appointment wasn't in the records. The same kind of thing happened this time too. I called ahead to ask when my appointment was and was told that I wasn't in the records at all, again. So I just made a new appointment. Then I had to change that appointment but eventually I got weighed.
I googled "At last" and found this. This book was my childhood. 
As the title suggests there wasn't much of a loss. It was just three pounds actually. But it's been a month so it's not too bad. That's just under a pound a week and a loss is a loss. Lately because of all the shifts in my life I've not been able to exercise as much and my diet has been a bit shoddy too. I need to pick myself up and do the stuff I was doing a year ago, because it's been almost a year.
I searched "year" and found Batman. Awesome. 
We chatted about a bunch of things in the end actually, including our mutual dislike of people who say they can't lose weight no matter what. Back when I was exercising the most I ever did, and doing four to six mile walks, I was eating like crap but managed to lose a little weight. When I stopped eating like crap but kept up that exercise? The weight just pretty much flew off.

I'm getting weighed again December 9th by request because I may enter a food coma on the 10th. More on that some other time.


  1. Three pounds is nothing to sneeze at! You can build on it.

  2. I think you should be very pleased you are consistently moving in the right direction. It's when you veer off into the wrong direction is when everything falls apart.

  3. "mutual dislike of people who say they can't lose weight no matter what"
    If they tried, yes. If they haven't tried yet, then they're probably down pretty low, so give 'em less hate and more pep talkin'. ;D

  4. every little bit counts good for you Mark!

  5. It's self-evident, but...
    three pound LOSS better than three pound GAIN.
    Bravo, my friend!


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