Monday, 10 November 2014


I'm pretty sure that is not a real phone number, so you shouldn't actually try calling it. Though it would be interesting to try and adopt a cat over the phone...well anyway if you can't guess I'm here to talk a little about adopting cats an animals in general. A friend of mine went to a cat shelter recently because she and her family decided they could, and should, get a second cat.
Look at this derpy little girl they found
The cat pictured above isn't the one they ultimately went with because it was a kitten and wasn't really on offer. There was a drive going to help get the older cats adopted. Unfortunately when a cat reaches a certain age they tend to become more unadoptable. What I didn't realise is that the age a cat becomes unadoptable is 5. They were looking at the five and the six year old cats. I was expecting them to pick up a ten or eleven year old cat.
She's just so cute and derpy. I want it.
They didn't pick up a cat on Saturday but they did go back yesterday and came home with a chubby little girl that looks just like one of my cats, but way chubbier. We actually now have matching cats except her ginger cat is a girl whereas mine is a boy. Having matching cats is more awesome than you'd think. So if you're looking to get a pet then try visiting your local animal shelter. If you do, try and get one that's a little older or derpier, and give it a chance. Actually her first cat was also a shelter kitty and it has a legitimate mutation; it has an extra toe on each foot. It's adorable but means that she has a opposable thumbs. One day she will rise to the rise of Queen of All Cats and Operation Takeover will begin. I pray she is kind to me.

Have you ever, or would you ever, adopt an animal? Technically both of my cats were adoptions because my sister gave them me.


  1. Yes, I adopted my cat, Her Royal Highness, from the Humane Society when she was a kitten.

  2. Every single one of my animals was adopted (all 5), including my cat, who had been burned by her past owner. It's taken years but she's finally opened up to us and is living a very happy life.

    I love those derpy eyes. Brandon's new cat is part Siamese (also adopted), and so she's got those derpy, crossed eyes as well. It's oddly endearing, isn't it? ...Not so much with people.

  3. wow, same problem with adopting kids, everyone wants the babies. I don't want the responsibility of a pet but I do enjoy visiting my sister's cat, I've become quite fond of her even though I'm not an 'animal' person per se.

    1. I've put you up in my sidebar so I won't miss your posts!

  4. I'd consider adopting an animal. A dog though. I'm more of a dog person. :)

  5. Adopting's the only way I've ever considered getting a pet. Why buy one bred for you when there's a bunch patiently waiting for a loving home?

  6. I am not a cat person but I know they make great pets for many people

  7. I could use Adult Cat Finder to find a cat. Anyway, adopting a pet certainly seems like a nifty thing to do. It's always good to give a home to any creature who needs some love and attention.


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