Friday, 28 November 2014

It's All Ogre Now

This post actually has nothing to do with ogres. I just really enjoy that pun. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Anyway, the world may actually be on the verge of ending. Forget the Mayans, forget super volcanoes, it's going to be Microsoft that kills us all. That's funny because I always thought it would be Google or Wal-Mart. So what have Microsoft done? They made Daleks.
So far these Daleks don't have ray guns yet but it's not going to be long. They're robotic security guards that Microsoft have patrolling a compound in Silicon Valley. I found out recently that Silicon Valley is an actual place. I thought it was just a nickname for the place where a bunch of tech was developed. All the tech there might have influenced the name but that is it's genuine name. Anyway, back to the Daleks.
Even if you aren't a Doctor Who fan you've probably heard of the Daleks as they've invaded as much popular culture as they have planets. We're all screwed now because the Daleks are coming and they'll kill us all. Security guards? I wouldn't trust them to secure me. Only to kill me.

Okay but on a bit of a serious note it's a bit sad that a job that can be done very well by a human is being done by a robot. Give it time and all jobs will be done by robots. Hopefully when that time comes everything is free because it costs nothing to produce but I doubt it.

So just how screwed are we? 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thanksgiving In The UK

This isn't the post I was going to make today but I just shifted that post to tomorrow, which means that for once I got an entire week's worth of posts made in advance! YAY! It's been quite a while since I did that and it feels good to have everything taken care of.
Feels good to be able to relax
As you know it's Thanksgiving today. It's thanks to that, pardon the pun, that you probably aren't reading this post. Frankly I could put any stupid stuff up and no one would see it. Not that I'm actually going to do that. Instead I'm going to post about Thanksgiving. See, I read some interesting news that said that Thanksgiving is sort of becoming a thing here in the UK. A lot more Americans are living here now and they're eating Thanksgiving dinner. I've noticed over the past month or so that frozen turkeys are being sold in stores even though Christmas dinner (when we eat turkey) isn't for another month yet. Turns out part of it is for Thanksgiving.
God damn that looks delicious
There's actually an American ex-teacher who started growing pumpkins here 30 years ago to feed his students Thanksgiving dinner and now he gets a lot of sales this time of year. When you think about it selling pumpkins is a great idea for October and November. You sell a lot for Halloween and then sell even more for Thanksgiving. I should buy some turkey eggs and an incubator. I hear that's all Bernard Matthews started with.

Happy Thanksgiving folks! 
(next time you complain about different cultures invading yours remember your culture is invading other country's too. Of course I kid.)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Automatic Parental Controls

So my internet got really messed up last Friday and really that was the worst time for it to happen. My internet service provider decided to add automatic parental controls to my internet which means that some of the websites I frequent are now blocked to me.
Well fuck you too BT
To be honest I heard they were rolling this out ages ago and thought that it had passed me by and I wouldn't be subject to it. I guess I was just late to be added to the list. It's also possible that someone in my family turned them on but the only person who would is my sister and she has a completely separate ISP now she's moved out. At least I think she does.

Automatic parental controls has become a thing by a lot of ISPs these days and a lot of them block perfectly legitimate sites. I'm not actually trying to access porn or anything like that. This kind of automatic blocking bothers me. Especially something like automatic parental controls. Seriously all you're doing is impeding the people who don't have children or who don't want parental controls even if they have children. It's not the ISPs responsibility to set up parental controls. I set up controls myself on the computers my nieces use and I feel parents should do the same rather than let someone else do it for them automatically. It's going to take days to turn these off because even though I changed my password and can log on to my BT mail, a BT ID is a totally different thing and I'm going to need to wait for a letter from BT so I can set a second one up. My phone has also had these settings put on them by Vodafone.

God damn it.

Have you been hit by automatic parental controls? How do you feel about them? 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Things Came Up

Some things happened that have left me stressed and just not up for doing much. Unfortunately that means the blog is going to have to suffer today and I'll have to be lazy again. I've done this so often I should consider making it a regular segment now eh?

It took me too long to get this. Say "Fiancé" slowly.
Further proof cats are liquid
This cat is an engineer
Only enough bread for one sandwich
He'll grow into it.
I'm not saying Internet Explorer kills people...but it kills people
I want a hamster dam

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stay Safe Out There

I heard a few reports about a nasty snow storm in the New York State area. I have friends who were hit by it but didn't know too much. Then I read more about it and damn, it's not that pretty. Snow is beautiful. Snow storms are not so much really.
Okay that's still pretty
It turns out that so far five people have died and plenty of people are still stuck in the snow on the interstate and in their cars. I'm also hearing a lot of good things though about people sticking together and opening their doors for their neighbours who got trapped. People aren't quite home but they are in the warm.

I hate to sound preachy but winter is always a time to remember the homeless who are stuck outside. Even outside of snow storms and natural disasters, keep people in mind when you're out and about and help as many people as you can. Be a decent human being.
Oh Wile E. how I miss you
It turns out things are getting pretty bad across the whole US and not just New York State. Temperatures are getting pretty low so make sure you stay warm folks. Stay safe too. Ask yourself if a trip is really worth it and if you find someone stuck in the cold offer them a helping hand.

Be a decent human being when you can, and a smart one most of the time, if not all the time. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Hard Sell

Thanks to the article writing job I now have I've written about 100 articles or so since I started way back when. It feels like forever ago. I've done things with a lot of different variety though and some of it is pretty fun. One of the things I write a lot in the articles for my job is sales pitches.
That's certainly what I aim to do. 
I've quickly discovered something I didn't really know about myself; I am a god damn masterful salesmen when I want to be. I can make a lot of things sound awesome and reliable. I've shown it a couple of times here on the blog too but never really to such a degree that I think "I'm pretty good at this." Because, well, yeah I'm pretty good at this.

It is my hope now that when the time comes to sell my own work I can use these skills to do that; to make what I have to offer out to be as good as it is. That's one big problem I have when it comes to selling myself and it's a problem we all have with selling ourselves; Confidence.
That is one confident kitty
It's easy to sell something you don't really know about because there's nothing in the back of your head saying it's not as good as you think it is. You don't know that. But if you try to sell yourself then there's probably going to be those thoughts. You have to push those aside and remember that if it's something you made using a skill you're good at then there's a damn good chance what you made is good. Because you, yourself, are good.

Do you have the confidence to sell yourself well? 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Jack Of All Trades; Master of Not Much

I know some people who are, or were, in advanced classes when they were in school, and it got me thinking a little bit about my own education. I was always in the top classes, but in England advanced/honors classes just aren't a thing. So I was lumped in with the super smarts when I wasn't too high above average. I was smart, but not really smart.
"I am so smart, I am so smart. SMRT, I mean SMART"
I was good at everything (except gym for the obvious reason I was pretty damn fat and out of shape...yet when I went to the actual gym I was even good at that...huh) I tried but never really excelled at any one thing. I also realised that's really how I ended up in life in the end. There are plenty of things I'm good at. Maybe not plenty, but things. I'm a good writer, I'm a good listener and advice giver, I'm a good talker when I want to be, I'm good at blogging. But excellent? Is there anything I'm truly good at? Hell if I know.
Jack of Blades; close but no cigar
There might be people who tell me I'm an excellent writer but it doesn't mean much unless I believe it. I believe I'm pretty good at it, but that's it. Being a jack of all trades may sound good but it's one of the worst positions you can find yourself in life if I'm honest. There's so much you can do, but nothing you truly feel you can. All the opportunity and ability you have ends up being squandered and you focus on nothing. It sucks. Do I want to do this? Do I want to do that? I don't know. I have all the potential in the world but find myself doing, if you'll pardon the language, fuck all with it.

What would you say is your special skill? Heck, what would you say mine is? 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Not Feeling Good; Take This

Thanks to a mixture of a lack of sleep, stress, and major technical problems I'm hardly in the best physical condition right now. Instead of trying to think up a lot of posts for you take these pretty pictures instead.

...He's not wrong

Dogs are harsh

Perfect ad placement. Thank YOU Wikipedia.

It's so cute

Poor little Timmy had his dreams crushed by being successful

Gotta love trolling cats

"You'll never guess what happened..."

Monday, 10 November 2014


I'm pretty sure that is not a real phone number, so you shouldn't actually try calling it. Though it would be interesting to try and adopt a cat over the phone...well anyway if you can't guess I'm here to talk a little about adopting cats an animals in general. A friend of mine went to a cat shelter recently because she and her family decided they could, and should, get a second cat.
Look at this derpy little girl they found
The cat pictured above isn't the one they ultimately went with because it was a kitten and wasn't really on offer. There was a drive going to help get the older cats adopted. Unfortunately when a cat reaches a certain age they tend to become more unadoptable. What I didn't realise is that the age a cat becomes unadoptable is 5. They were looking at the five and the six year old cats. I was expecting them to pick up a ten or eleven year old cat.
She's just so cute and derpy. I want it.
They didn't pick up a cat on Saturday but they did go back yesterday and came home with a chubby little girl that looks just like one of my cats, but way chubbier. We actually now have matching cats except her ginger cat is a girl whereas mine is a boy. Having matching cats is more awesome than you'd think. So if you're looking to get a pet then try visiting your local animal shelter. If you do, try and get one that's a little older or derpier, and give it a chance. Actually her first cat was also a shelter kitty and it has a legitimate mutation; it has an extra toe on each foot. It's adorable but means that she has a opposable thumbs. One day she will rise to the rise of Queen of All Cats and Operation Takeover will begin. I pray she is kind to me.

Have you ever, or would you ever, adopt an animal? Technically both of my cats were adoptions because my sister gave them me.

Friday, 7 November 2014

I'm Invited

So yesterday I mentioned I would be eating a full size three course meal in about a month. Honestly it would actually be the first time I have. I also said there would be more details to come. The time for those details to come is now because it's about 2;30 in the morning and I can't think of anything else to write about.
I've done a lot of writing today and I'm tired.
When I went past my voluntary job last time, I think some time last week, I was invited out to the office christmas dinner. That's right it was last week. It was Hallowe'en specifically. I fulfilled my destiny of going to work in a cloak. I was the only one in any kind of costume. It was pretty great and yet not so great all at once. Anyway Hallowe'en was last week. It's already old news.
Apparently the Christmas period has begun...
The first year I worked there I didn't go to the meal. I'd just started working and wasn't comfortable with the people there; especially not to eat with them. All the other years the meal fell during a time I just wasn't going in for whatever reason. This year I fully plan on going and enjoying myself though. It'll be on the 10th of December so I'm actually looking forward to it. The only downside is because they're giving me a free meal I feel even more obligated to go in and sometimes that's just not possible. I'll do what I can though.

Do you have any memories of office Christmas parties? Either good or bad. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Little, But Something

So I was weighed last Tuesday. When I was getting weighed was a bit up in the air. I mentioned last time I got weighed that for some reason my appointment wasn't in the records. The same kind of thing happened this time too. I called ahead to ask when my appointment was and was told that I wasn't in the records at all, again. So I just made a new appointment. Then I had to change that appointment but eventually I got weighed.
I googled "At last" and found this. This book was my childhood. 
As the title suggests there wasn't much of a loss. It was just three pounds actually. But it's been a month so it's not too bad. That's just under a pound a week and a loss is a loss. Lately because of all the shifts in my life I've not been able to exercise as much and my diet has been a bit shoddy too. I need to pick myself up and do the stuff I was doing a year ago, because it's been almost a year.
I searched "year" and found Batman. Awesome. 
We chatted about a bunch of things in the end actually, including our mutual dislike of people who say they can't lose weight no matter what. Back when I was exercising the most I ever did, and doing four to six mile walks, I was eating like crap but managed to lose a little weight. When I stopped eating like crap but kept up that exercise? The weight just pretty much flew off.

I'm getting weighed again December 9th by request because I may enter a food coma on the 10th. More on that some other time.

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Way Things Go

About a month or so ago, maybe even two months ago, I got the random urge to jobsearch and I found something that seemed to be pretty interesting. It was a job that was supposed to be just up the road from me and on a part time basis with afternoon shifts available; basically everything I was looking for in a job. I thought nothing of applying for it.
...wrong kind of app
I didn't hear anything until last week when, after two days of calling and waiting for calls, I finally had a telephone interview and was told to report somewhere tomorrow to go through the induction process. It was at 9 in the morning but that sounded okay to me. Things were going okay until I told my dad and found out he couldn't take me, and it would be difficult to get there other ways.
Oh okay then
To be honest things just kind of went downhill from there. They told me they would send me an email with further details, but I never got it. I also did things I should have done before applying for the job. I checked where the store would actually be and it's a little further away. It's not far but it's a complicated route. One I wouldn't be able to make all the time. So it turns out I'm more than likely going to have to pass this opportunity up, which is a real shame. My dad was more comfortable with the idea when I told him I'd been writing and making a little money. He'd be a lot more comfortable if I was making more money. So would I. I'd ask about it but it's only been two weeks. I need to dedicate more time to Immortal Space already.

Have you ever had something fall through that sounded so right at first? 


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